Tuesday, October 25, 2011

House Hunting Burnout

For someone who adores the show "House Hunters" I sure got sick of it pretty quickly.

It's mostly the distance that is getting to me. Making a day trip to another state takes a bit of planning, and we've been doing it every other Sunday since September. We get there, look at a bunch of houses that don't fit the bill, then go home. It is really cutting into our socializing time!

This weekend we saw a house that got close to what we were envisioning, but the price and distance from the University were a little off-putting, so we are back to square one.


Admittedly, our expectations are pretty high. 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, master suite, flat yard big enough for the dog that we don't have yet, fireplace, garage, walkable distance to get the picture. I don't think there is a house in the whole city that meets all of these requirements. Not in our price range, anyway.

The good news is that a couple that looked at our current house on Saturday are coming back to look at it again today! I hope they make an offer. I hope it's a decent offer (someone else offered us 80% of what we were asking--not cool).

After this is over we are NEVER MOVING AGAIN.

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