Saturday, October 8, 2011

Luna de Miel

During the summer of 2003 Nemo and I were both in the city of Queretaro in Central Mexico. I was studying Spanish and Nemo had an internship with a company there. One Saturday night we both ended up at a cantina called "El Columpio". Long story short, we met cute but took over a year to discover how much we liked, nay, loved each other. We got married in the summer of 2005.

Clearly, our honeymoon called for a return to the place where we first met.

We were married in my hometown, but we wanted to fly out of the airport close to where we were going to school. Which meant we had to ditch our own wedding reception fairly early and make a five hour drive. We stayed the night in the airport hotel, and nearly missed our early morning flight the following morning because the wrong time was printed on our boarding passes. No joke! Thank goodness they let us board!

First order of business: to return to the very bar where we first met and had a stimulating conversation about super string theory.

There were three bars in that one building, and unfortunately El Columpio wasn't open that day but we went to the one next door instead and had some beers. Physics were not mentioned this time.

We stayed in a cute hotel for a few days

Then we took a night bus to Puerto Vallarta, eight hours away. I booked seats at the back of the bus because I thought it would be quieter, but I didn't think about how close they would be to the stereotypically smelly bus bathroom! So that was not so fun...

In Puerto Vallarta we learned that I get seasick.
Me putting on a brave face.

We took a 3-hour sunset cruise around the harbor. I felt sick from the time they untied the boat until several hours after we were back on dry land! LESSON LEARNED.

I had another date with disaster when I slipped and fell in the shower and got horrible bruises up and down my legs.

We also swam with dolphins, which entailed an hour and half in the midday sun, causing my fair-skinned sweetheart to be sunburned to a crisp. He bore it fairly well, but rankled at paying the equivalent of $15 for a bottle of aloe at the resort's shop.

For the rest of the time we basically basked in wedded bliss and drank terrible strawberry daiquiris. It didn't always go as planned, but on the whole it was a positive experience. Kind of like our marriage.

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