Monday, November 28, 2011


Several years ago I saw a rheumatologist to determine whether or not I had an autoimmune disorder. I had a lot of symptoms such as fatigue and aching in my joints, plus I had a family history on both sides. I had a lot of blood work, MRIs, and other tests done. All that we found out for sure was that I had antinuclear antibodies, which is typical of people with autoimmune disorders but doesn't confirm it. Dr. D told me to call if there were ever any other symptoms, which there hadn't been until recently.

Recurrent pregnancy loss. That's a symptom. Then when I was pregnant, I felt great. Dr, Google told me that people with AI disorders can experience an alleviation of symptoms during pregnancy. Also, my shoulder joints were absolutely killing me. I couldn't stir a pot of soup, that's how much my movement was limited by the pain. So I decided to give Dr. D a call.

I had an appointment last week and we discussed the new developments. I told her that the reason I wanted an AI disorder ruled out is because we want another baby in the near future. I wanted to know if I just got lucky with CJ and that miscarriage is going to be my default.
She, of course, looked at me like I was bonkers for wanting another baby so soon. I can't help it. They just smell so good!

I had nine vials of blood draw for different tests, and everything came back "perfect". Nothing that would suggest that I have an autoimmune disorder. Even my antinuclear antibodies were gone.

And for the first time in my life, I wasn't borderline anemic! This is cause for celebration.

Dr. D solved another mystery that day. When I explained about my shoulder she felt it and announced that I had bursitis, an inflammation of the sac of fluid around the joint, most likely from lifting a plus-size baby all the time. She injected steroids into the sac and voila, two days later I was pain free. I gleefully stirred things to my heart's content.

So all appears to be well. Thank God for that.


  1. Yay for 'perfect' results - prayers that a BFP is in your very near future, followed by another sweet baby 9 or so months later :).

  2. @Rebecca

    Thanks! The thought of trying again scares me silly, but...I'm going to anyway. Maybe. Probably. Who knows.