Tuesday, November 1, 2011

First Day at Home

Yesterday was my first official day as a stay-at-home mom. I actually think that is a misnomer. I prefer "household manager":) Nemo has been teasing me, telling me that I will be bored at home all day. Ha. That most certainly was not the case. Anyway, here is how it went:

Wake up, get dressed (not in yoga pants!), start a load of laundry, unload dishwasher, make breakfast. Nemo has already fed the cats, how sweet of him!

6:50 Eat breakfast, check email, & read blogs

7:10 I have to finish this book because it is due today and as I no longer work at the library I can't give myself unlimited extensions anymore!

7:35 put in load of diapers to rinse, make bottle, wake CJ and give him his breakfast.

8:00 Playtime!

8:30 Get CJ dressed and head off for 8:45 Mass

9:10 Get home, read to CJ from my book to kill some time before naptime.

9:25 Diaper change, rocking, and put CJ down for a nap.

9:30 He stops fussing, so I run outside to put the diapers on the clothesline, then return to my book.

10:05 Oh my goodness, really? He's awake already. Finished the book just in time.

10:15 Head out to the library to return some books, look for some cookbooks, and pick up another season of Friday Night Lights on dvd, but they are closed! I leave the books in the dropbox. We'll be back tomorrow for baby storytime, anyway. Instead we go to daycare to pick up some things we left there and then to the drugstore to buy Halloween candy and baby formula. It's on sale and I have $15 off coupons that I bought on ebay for $6.33 each, so all in all I got it for about 50% off. SCORE!

11:00 Home again and time for CJ to eat

11:15 CJ plays on his play mat and exersaucer while I work on knitting him a hat. It's getting a bit nippy and we don't have one that covers his ears adequately!

12:05pm Naptime for CJ, lunch and internet for me. Then I start deep cleaning the microwave and fridge. Yuck. I have let that go for far too long.

2:50 CJ takes another nap while I peel potatoes for dinner and finish cleaning the fridge

3:30 ARGH! These naps are short, even for him

3:30-5:30 fussyfussybottlefussy

5:30 I stuff a protesting CJ into his monster costume and take him around to the neighbors to say hi. He is subdued, but not crying. The poor guy is just tuckered out. He really needs to nap longer tomorrow, but I don't know how to make that happen!
6:00 Nemo is home just in time to help with bath and bedtime.

6:45 CJ is ASLEEP

7:00 Clean the garage. Because we're showing the house we have stashed a lot of stuff in there, but I rearrange it so that we can just squeeze a car in there. If its going to snow again, I don't want Nemo to have to scrape ice off the car at 5:30am!

8:00 We have a late dinner because Nemo had to do most of the cooking--I didn't get as much prep done as I thought I would due to CJ's uncharacteristic fussiness. We watch a couple of sitcoms while we eat.

8:45 Kitchen tidying

9:15 Get ready for bed and lay out clothes for tomorrow. Oh my goodness, tomorrow?

So it didn't go precisely how I thought it would. There were mishaps. There were things learned. There were moments of panic. But I got through it, and I'm pumped to try again tomorrow.

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