Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Massive Problem

I have always found it difficult to pay attention during Mass, especially during the homily. I struggle with it, but never seem to get anywhere.

Then I had a baby, and this problem got ten times worse. I am the default baby holder, and keeping him quiet and happy so everyone else can pay attention saps a fair amount of my own attention.

I spent most of Mass last Sunday in the cry room, where the closed-circuit TV was not working for some reason. It was foolish to go to the 9am service when I KNOW that is CJ's nap time. He was pissed. I was even more pissed. There was not much sanctifying going on.

Afterwards I moaned to my mom, "What is the POINT of going to Mass anymore, if I'm not going to hear it?"

To which she replied something about getting CJ in the habit of going to church and it being my job to get him into heaven.

Which made me wail in a very self-centered fashion, "But what about MEEEEEEEE?"

It is easier to keep CJ happy during daily Mass, but the priest has perfected the 90-second homily, and if I pause to clean up some spit or blink, it's over and I've missed it again.

Sigh. Am I destined to never comprehend a homily?

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  1. I once heard it explained to a new mom like this: YOU have an obligation to go to mass, not your kiddo. While tag-team mass going is not the best situation ever, it is a place to start. Daily mass is a GREAT way to get CJ in the habit of going to mass and as he gets older you can approach the weekend mass again.

    Prayers for you - as right now my favorite part of mass is getting to old our 3 month old goddaughter :).