Friday, December 9, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday Vol. 5

1. It has been an exciting day so far. CJ woke up a little bit after 5am, and I had Nemo bring him to bed with us since I was too tired to actually get up. Nemo left for work and I almost had CJ back to sleep when I heard barking and someone yelling for help right outside my house. I ran outside and it turned out that someone walking their small dog was being accosted by two enormous German Shepherds. They weren't attacking, but they were barking and circling and definitely too close for comfort. I tried to distract them from the safety of my porch so the dog walked could get to her house safely, but I don't think I did much good. I told her I was going to call animal control, which I did. But, man, she must have been scared out of her mind. I know I would have been.

2. Then: My baby, whose inability to roll over from front to back was making us both miserable, finally rolled over today! Twice! So it can't be a fluke, right???

3. I firmly believe that Loreena McKennitt's Midwinter Night's Dream is the best Christmas album ever. Period. No argument. I've listened to it 1-3 times a day since Advent started and I am no where near sick of it yet.

4. Oh, and we are buying a house in the town where Nemo works. And we will be moving--get this--in EARLY January. As in four weeks from now. It all happened pretty quickly--my head is spinning!

5. The house has a lot of old world charm and gorgeous original woodwork. On the second floor it has two big bedrooms, a small bedroom, and a tiny office. The attic is finished, has lots of windows, and will be perfect for a sewing/play room. It's perfect for us.

6. Except that the air conditioner is broken, the floors are warped, all the wiring needs to be replaced, and there is nothing in the kitchen but a sink and two cabinets. But that's why we got it for the price we did. And we are pretty enthusiastic DIYers, so it all works out.

7. Given this new development, Prayer Buddy, could you send a few up that our current home will sell quickly? We just reduced the price so hopefully that will bring some more people to look at it. We just need the right one!

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  1. In 4 weeks we are SO meeting for lunch!!!!! Congrats on the house :).