Friday, January 13, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday Vol. 7

1. We have decided to put off our kitchen renovation until May when Nemo's semester ends, that way he only has to stress about one thing at a time. It was my suggestion, but it still bums me out a little. I want a nice kitchen NOW!

2. Because of #1, we broke down and bought a stove on Crai.gslist for $50, because there was absolutely no way I could do without pasta until the summer. We can cook all kinds of things now. Hooray!

3. I've been watching Downton Abbey for the past few days, and I'm almost to the end of the episodes that are currently available. I just can't get enough!

4. CJ has started eating solid foods. I give him pureed stuff occasionally but I find it to be extremely tedious. Recently I started reading a lot about Baby Led Weaning, so now I mostly just give him people food to munch on, like toast.
Check the indomitable bed head.

5. We talked to our realtor in Old City yesterday, and apparently since our old house was listed as vacant there has been people in there almost every single day. This is such. good. news. I can't even tell you.

6. Baby proofing needs to begin. CJ hasn't started crawling yet but he rolls over (and over and over) to get himself to where he wants to go. And he always wants to be somewhere where he can get into trouble.

7. I am so thankful for the winter weather we got today. The warm weather was nice, but honestly it was beginning to creep me out. January is not supposed to be 65 degrees, you know?

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