Friday, February 3, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday Vol. 8

1. I discovered a puddle of water in the basement last weekend, which after some investigation by a professional turned out to come from a cracked pipe. The part that was cracked was in the wall and ceiling of the downstairs bathroom, so part of said wall and ceiling had to be ripped out. Luckily our homeowners insurance covered the damage, and we were going to redo the bathroom anyway...but it used to be wayyy at the bottom of our priorities list, and the gaping hole in the wall has moved it straight to the top.

2. I've joined a gym. I've never belonged to a gym before (at least not on my own dime; I used the gym on and off when I went to University) and it is a new experience. Twice a week I drop CJ off at the childcare room and work out for an hour. I love the alone time. CJ hates it. I feel terrible that he has such a miserable time, but it's good for him, right?

3. Years and years ago I used to play the fiddle. When I moved away from home there wasn't much opportunity to play so it fell by the wayside. It turns out that one of Nemo's coworkers plays with an Irish music group that practices in the house directly behind ours on Monday nights at 7pm (after bedtime! yesss!) and they invited me to come jam with them. I didn't have a lot of advance warning so I was woefully out of practice, but it was tons of fun and I can't wait to go back! I've been practicing every day. I am still re-developing my callouses. Ow.

4. I love the library here; they have tons of Catholic materials just sitting on the shelf like its the most normal thing in the world (at my old library I would have been lucky just to find a copy of City of God). I just got out this movie about St. Phillip Neri. Score!

5. My superhero in-laws are coming over tomorrow to help insulate or attic. I am a sucker for low energy bills.

6. We got another offer on our old house. Unlike the previous two, it is a reasonable offer and just needs a little tweaking. I am praying hard that this works out.

7. I wish CJ would cut this darn tooth already!

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  1. CJ will get used to the time away from you :) and you need the time for you!

    Your Irish music group sounds like a blast!!

    I'm sending you an email as soon as I post this - lunch must be in our future soon :).