Friday, February 17, 2012

Kitchen Renovation Dilemma

So here's the deal:

A previous owner stole some space from the kitchen to put a bathtub in the 1st floor bathroom, turning it into full bathroom and the turning the kitchen into a Most Ridiculous Layout of the Year contender.

So, do we steal the space back for the kitchen, making our house only 1.5 baths? I am opposed to reducing the number of baths in a house on principle, but the kitchen is sooooo silly.

Plus, it is in our 10-year plan to turn the third floor into a master suite with its own bath.

I just...I can't decide.

This is my current favorite design, leaving the bathroom intact. The big empty space at the top is the bathtub portion of the bathroom and the empty space on the right is the basement stairs.

But if we take out the bathtub we get this! An island! With a breakfast bar! Space in which to turn cartwheels!

And this is Nemo's favorite design, bathtub intact. I am putting it in the bath because I think it's awful.

So that's the question. Kitchen island or spare bathtub? What would you do?


  1. Kitchen island. Without hesitation.

  2. Island, especially if the 10 yr includes additional