Monday, February 27, 2012

The shoe problem.

CJ needs shoes. He's not walking or even cruising yet, but I need something to keep his blankety-blank socks on or else I swear he will actually accidentally swallow one one of these days.

Like I always do when I need or "need" something, I turned to Etsy. I love me some handmade, American-made merchandise.
(Click on the pictures to view the listings.)

Oh my gosh.


I had a bunch picked out and was fully intending to buy them when I was stricken with sticker shock. Now, I love every single pair of baby shoes I see on Etsy, but CJ is growing so fast I really can't afford a new $20 pair of shoes every couple of months.

So I buckled down and decided that I was going to learn to make baby shoes.

I used a couple of tutorials for guidance, mainly this one and this one. Even with directions, it was pretty hard to figure it out. CJ has very wide feet, so getting the pattern piece sized right was extra-extra hard.

First draft: Reversible, but much too small.

Second Draft: Reversible, much too big and the proportions are off.
At this point I decided that I didn't really care for the mechanics of the reversible shoe, so I'm back to the drawing board.

Third Draft: I like how the shoe works, but don't like that there are exposed seams on the inside of the shoe. Sounds uncomfortable.
Fourth Draft: I try to come up with a way to conceal the seams within the lining of the shoe and fail epically.

Fifth Draft: Success! I fiddled around, combining the elements that I liked from both patterns and came up with something that worked. Finally!

Not as cute as the shoes on Etsy, but as I made them all from old receiving blankets they were free! And they don't have to be cute to keep CJ's blankety-blank socks on.

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