Friday, March 23, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday Vol. 9

1. In a little less than two months our Great Kitchen Renovation is scheduled to begin. I am chomping at the bit, folks. Doing the dishes by hand requires two hours out of my day and all the moisture out of my hands. I want a dishwasher. Badly.

2. Related to the kitchen: Today I made pancakes in the foyer. I was just trying to make lunch (yes, pancakes for lunch. It's been a rough week) and I blew a fuse using the microwave and griddle at the same time. My pancakes were only half done so I unplugged the griddle and ran for the nearest functioning outlet. The one in the foyer.

3. Also related to the kitchen: Last Sunday we went to the big box store and met with a kitchen designer. We picked out our cabinets and she gave us a nice print out of how the kitchen will look. I taped it to the ugly wallpaper in the kitchen so I can ogle it whenever I want. I'd share it here but I have unfortunately broken my camera. It still takes pictures but I can't upload them. Dangit.

4. Tomorrow my Irish band is playing for a Cultural Festival in town. I'm excited that Nemo and CJ get to come watch:)

5. I am reading a chapter of Style, Sex, and Substance: 10 Catholic Women Consider the Things that Really Matter. It is absolutely wonderful! I'm learning so much.

6. The war against sleeping continues. CJ's tired, but the only place he will sleep is on my chest, something he hasn't done since he was a wee tiny baby. I'm at a complete loss. If I wasn't 100% positive that he's teething I would think that it was something more sinister like an earache.

7. Well I had better get to bed. I don't know when CJ is going to be up, but I am positive it is going to be earlier than I would like.


  1. Hey, no offense intended here, but: TWO HOURS to do dishes?! Either you're a super-scrupulous scrubber (like that alliteration?), or you make really elaborate meals. But yeah - sounds like a dishwasher could save you a lot of time.

    1. Ha ha say that ten times fast:) I am a super scrubber, but the two hours is also due to a) having to make multiple trips to the dining room (where we are currently keeping our dishes as there are no cabinets in the kitchen) when unloading the dish drainer, b) washing the bottles, and c)having to do the dishes multiple times per day so that the limited counter space we do have is available for more cooking.

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