Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Road Trip

Last weekend CJ and I went on a road trip to my hometown some 350 miles away.How can two people, one of whom always considered herself a light packer, and one of whom is a baby, need so much stuff for a four day trip? It barely fit in out little car. It's a good thing Nemo couldn't come, because there wasn't room for him anyway.

CJ was a cherub during the 6.5 hours we were in the car. I kept a bag of toys in the passenger seat, and when he dropped or got bored with the one he was playing with I would drop another one in his lap and he would smile at this unexpected gift from above and play quietly for a bit longer.

The way home was a bit more difficult. I had to sing "Oh My Darling Clementine" nonstop for the last 45 minutes to ward off the fussies. But we made it! I am as proud as if I had run the Boston Marathon.

I had a lovely visit with my family. There was always someone willing to play with CJ, which gave me a lot of free time for visiting with Older Sister. We made baby food, stripped cloth diapers, played with budget spreadsheets, and basically were unabashed momgeeks.

So yeah, had fun. But it is oh so good to be home again. I am pretty attached to it:)

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