Sunday, August 26, 2012

Going Stir-Crazy...

...but in a good way this time.

CJ and I were recently liberated from "The Room". We've progressed far enough in the kitchen renovation that we could reclaim the living room from all the kitchen stuff.  We haven't yet moved the living room furniture back to where it goes but it doesn't really matter; CJ is just delighted to have a big empty space to run around in!

It's not complete freedom, as the rest of the house is still a disaster, but it is a huge improvement. Parole, if you will.

The kitchen, while still lacking a sink, dishwasher, and counter tops, now has cooking appliances.
(The island has been added where the blue ladder is since this picture was taken.)
I am in hogs' heaven. I don't normally like to cook, but I have gone absolutely stir-crazy. I've made like a zillion new and exciting dishes in the last few weeks.  
Black Bean Soup. From scratch! I am culinary genius a la Bridget Jones.
 Whole-Grain Pancakes. They really taste too good to actually be good for me, but they are!
I checked out umpteen cookbooks from the library. I signed up for a CSA vegetable delivery program. I put Maple Salmon on the September meal plan. I'm feeling very adventurous, food-wise, just now. What does a rutabaga taste like? I INTEND TO FIND OUT.
Of course I am really shooting myself in the foot by doing all this fancy-schmancy cooking. I still have to do all of the dishes in the bathroom, and dishes time has been lengthening considerably lately. Totally worth it. Food is wonderful! I will never eat chicken nuggets again!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hat Trick Of Housekeeping Disasters

A lot of people say that they are bad housekeepers, but I am the real deal. I can't cook. I can barely clean. Here are some epic fails I have racked up in the last month.

1. A few weeks ago we went to visit my in-laws for the weekend and when we left they gave us a fresh summer squash from their garden to take home. When we returned to our house everything from the car got dumped on the spare bed and due to the crazy nature of my life at the moment I let putting things away get put on the back burner. I think you can see where this is going. Fast forward threeish weeks and I have finally mustered the energy to tackle the pile of junk on the bed. It is then that I discover the remains of the squash, the juices of decomposition seeping out of the plastic shopping bag and all over the down comforter. Forty dollars to dry clean that son of a gun.

2. CJ has been a pretty good sport about switching over to cows' milk but it has really thrown me for a loop. I was filling his sippy cups multiple times a day, every day, with a particular gallon of milk and it never occurred to me that I might want to pay attention to the expiration date. He kept drinking it as usual but was in a pissy mood for days on end. Then one day I was jonesing for a PB&J with a glass of milk and decided to steal some of CJ's whole milk because I think it is delicious. Except it wasn't; it had expired five days before. Which explains why CJ had been such a basket case that week. If I had been drinking 16 ounces of sour milk a day, I might have an angry tummy too.

3. As the kitchen is still weeks from completion I still have to do the dishes in the bathroom. I wash the dishes in a dishpan and when I'm done I dump the dirty water down the toilet so that it doesn't clog the sink.
CJ's sippy cups have to be broken down into their component parts in order to be cleaned properly. One of those parts is a small, clear silicone gasket that controls the flow of sour milk to the spout. As it is small and clear it is easy to miss in the soapy water. A few weeks ago I dumped the dishwater down the toilet, realizing only later that the gasket had gone down with it. Seeing as I only have two sippy cups (they were expensive and I didn't want multiple cups cluttering up the house. I just need one for milk, one for water, right?) this was a problem. The manufacturer doesn't sell replacement gaskets because that spout has been discontinued. When I did call they said they might have a couple left over in the back and sent me one of them free of charge. How nice.
Well friends, last night we had a late night of drywall sanding and when I was doing the dishes afterward I was so tired that I did the same exact thing AGAIN. But the good news is I have found some gaskets on ebay and with luck they might last me until we have a dishwasher.

The fails are really piling up but every time I start to have a meltdown I remind myself that my kitchen has walls now. Things can't be that bad if your kitchen has walls!