Wednesday, October 3, 2012

15 months, or, who is this toddler pitching a fit on my floor?

My baby just turned 15 months old a while back and seems to be  hitting developmental milestones--temper tantrums included--every other day. I hate to seem him growing up so fast, but I suppose it is a good thing considering that his baby sister is due to make her debut in three months or so.
He's been walking full-time for a few months now (although he still crawls for fun) and is so active that he hasn't gained any weight since his 12 month checkup. The only times he's still are when he's sleeping or looking at his books, or strapped into a carseat. He's grown 1.5 inches taller, though! He likes eating in theory (as long as it's a food he likes, i.e. toast, noodles, fruit, or cheese--not much else) but the problem we're having is that he gets bored after a few bites and wants to get down and play.

He's a climber--the other day I found him sitting on the dining room table banging away on my laptop, which I thought was safe up there. We're taking a "Baby and Me" class at the community center and he loves the tumbling part so much so that he keeps trying to take cuts in line so the teacher will help him do a somersault again.
He's got quite a few words now, including: Dada, cat, vroom, moo, boom boom, toot, toast, more, ball, bye bye, and text. "Mama" is conspicuously absent. I'm trying not to be offended:)

He continues to be an excellent babbler and will carry on whole conversations with old ladies at the grocery store. He's definitely got the tone and cadence of speech down, if not the vocabulary.

His imagination made its appearance last week! I finally realized that when he was holding toys up to his chin and laughing to himself, he was actually pretending to talk on the phone. He does this with mostly tv remotes and and a scientific calculator that he somehow appropriated into his toy collection, but in the absence of anything with buttons he will use anything from a yardstick to a chicken nugget.

Although his temperament has gotten a lot better since he was a fussy baby, he can still be very opinionated and dramatic. If he doesn't get what he wants he will throw a very theatrical fit, complete with his hands over his face and flinging himself to the floor. When this happens I usually just ignore him and start looking at his books by myself, which for the time being he finds interesting enough to get him out of tantrum mode.  

I'msomadI'msomadI'mso--hey, is that a book? I like books!

That's my boy.

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  1. Great to hear what the little man is up to these days! He sounds very like Maria at that age--the love of books, the phone mimicking, and the temper--though Maria wasn't speaking much at all at 15 months. We love hearing about the details of your life. Thanks for the lovely post!