Monday, November 26, 2012

The Boy Don't Eat

CJ has always found eating...difficult.  He hated the rice cereal that we gave him when he was four months old (at the pediatrician's request) so we put off solids until he was eight months old. Here we are, nine months later, and if it ain't cheddar cheese, there is a very good chance that he won't eat it. Some days are better than others and things are slowing trending in the "better" direction in general, but some days I have to resort to some odd tactics...

  • Pretend that I forgot to make him lunch, then settle onto the couch with a bowl of undesirable food for "myself". Then all of a sudden he is all "MMMMM.....MMMMMM!" and wolfing down food he once adamantly rejected.
  • Put sour cream on it. For whatever reason, that's a flavor he really enjoys. He'll eat it by the spoonful. It's pretty horrifying to watch.
  • Put it somewhere unusual. If he finds something--anything--on the floor, he will eat it out of sheer curiosity. He was ingesting mostly fuzzies and bits of paper, but it turns out that he will even eat *food* just for curiosity's sake.
  • Puree it. Sure he's about to be a big brother, but baby food is where it's at. It's just a lot easier to force a spoon of butternut squash puree between his jaws than an actual piece of squash.

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