Saturday, December 29, 2012

CJ's Room: Done-ish

What a whirlwind! We started this project on the Friday before Christmas and we were able to move the furniture back in on Monday morning (Christmas Eve). At which point we fled to my in-laws' and enjoyed a well-deserved break from house projects.

I got the shelves for $2 each at the Salvation Army. They were in kind of rough shape and someone had painted them (poorly) with a flat red paint, but after I sanded them, primed them, and painted them, they don't look half bad! I think they were my favorite part about the whole project. 
I made the curtains too, but that wasn't one of my favorite parts. Making curtains is a pain in the tush.

Woe-bot and St. James hanging out.

Lookin' good, floors!

I am really liking the new furniture layout. The crib used to be partially blocking the door and it was kind of hard to squeeze through.

The room still needs a few finishing touches, but...I'm going to ignore that fact for now. I'm enjoying the transformation way too much to be bothered about things like that:)

Friday, December 21, 2012

Kitchen Progress

Nemo has been working like a drone on the kitchen lately. He deserves a round of applause, a beer, and the last cookie.

Let's review. When we bought the house just shy of a year ago, the sink area looked like this:

(The cleaning supplies and random junk came with the purchase price.)

And NOW, it looks like this: 

This past week Nemo tackled that tumbled marble back splash. Isn't it gawgeous? I can't stop looking at it. I can't believe that this is my kitchen.

And here's the stove area. When we bought the house it didn't even HAVE a stove, so to say that this is a vast improvement would be the understatement of the century.

The kitchen still needs some trim and touch-ups before it can be called  complete, but it is really REALLY coming along.

While Nemo was working on the back splash this week I was making curtains and sanding and painting shelves for the speedy spruce-up of CJ's bedroom, which kicks off today and will hopefully be completed by Saturday night. Ay yi yi.

Monday, December 10, 2012

A Practice Run

We are slated to makeover CJ's bedroom a few weekends from now, and before beginning we wanted to rehearse the whole laying of laminate flooring thing. So this weekend we did the floors in Nemo's study, which suffered from the same odd flooring situation as CJ's bedroom.
(When I say we, I of course mean that Nemo did all the work and I made lunch for him).

His study is a very small room (about 9'x6') at the end of the hall. I have no idea what it was used for when the house was built 100 years ago. It's too small to be a bedroom. Storage? Fainting room? Who knows.

(Remember that there's just sub floor beneath that lovely modern area rug and the "parquet" is stick-on tiles).

(That's the sub floor that the area rug was so cleverly hiding).


All in all, we're pretty pleased with the way it turned out. There were a couple of minor hitches but the entire project only took about 8 hours and it cost less than $100! We got an awesome deal on the laminate, thanks to a Black Friday sale at Lumber Liquidators.

I haven't confirmed this with Nemo, but it seemed way easier and more fun than building a kitchen from the ground up over the course of six months.

Monday, December 3, 2012

A Room for CJ

At first glance, CJ's bedroom looks fine, if a little old ladyish (that's to be expected because we did actually buy the house from an old lady).
But step a little closer and you will see that it has problems. Sure the flooring looks like an area rug over parquet...

...but if you turn back a corner of the rug you will see that the parquet isn't even real--it's stick-on tiles! Not only that, but it doesn't even cover the entire room. The tiles only cover the areas that the rug doesn't. Underneath the rug is just sub floor.

 And here's the kicker--the rug has actually been tacked down on the edges to keep people from discovering this dirty secret.

I have got it in my head that I need to make-over CJ's room before Baby Girl gets here. I suspect nesting-inducing hormones are responsible for making this decision. But! My little boy deserves a little boy room, and what's more, a room with a real floor.

I have been working hard the last few weeks assembling everything that we need, and hopefully once that's done we will be able to get it done in a weekend. Sure, we should be working on kitchen stuff, but that project has been going on for absolutely ever (and by "forever" I mean six months, which is a long time) and I need a project that will make a big difference in a small amount of time. For morale, you see.

Here's a sneak peak of the project:

I can't wait to get started!