Friday, June 21, 2013

7 QTs: Anniversary Weekend Recap Edition


Last weekend Nemo and I celebrated seven wonderful years of marriage. They have been, hands down, the best years of my life. Well, except my childhood. Those ones were pretty good too, I guess. But marriage! I dig it. 
Life threw us a lot of curve balls during this last year so we were beyond ready to kick back and do some serious celebrating.

On Saturday afternoon we got our first ever smartphones. We had our old phones for six years, so we were due for an upgrade. After an eternity and a half at the Sprint store we finally settled on the Samsung Galaxy S4. It's so fancy I am almost afraid to touch it. But don't worry, I will overcome my fear in order to flood this blog with phone pictures.

Inaugural selfie. Did I do it right?

On Sunday morning Nemo and I ran a 5k together. We don't often get to run together, so it was really, really nice. This race went perfectly(unlike the last one we ran, three years ago, when Nemo sprained his ankle and we had to hobble to the finish line) .The weather was cool, the course was flat, and I was super well hydrated. 

I finished in 28:31; Nemo beat me by a nose at 28:30. I was pleasantly surprised that I finished 5th in my age category. I'm going to ignore the fact that it was not a really well-attended race. Fifth is fifth. Booya.

On Sunday afternoon we went to an open house at a gorgeous historic home with to. die. for. woodwork.

We aren't in the market for a new house; we did it for funsies. We like houses.We would go to open houses more often but I worry that the realtors in the area will catch on and start running us off with a broom for wasting their time. But hey, anniversaries are special, so we risked the notoriety.

On Sunday night we dropped the bambinos off at the grandparents and then we literally ran for the hills. We drove way up in the mountains to a place where there is no cell phone reception but there are adorable cabins for rent.

We drank a selection of fine beers.
The one on the far left was a hazelnut porter. It smelled like Nutella. *Swoons*

And watched a selection of fine movies. Six days, Seven Nights, Escape from New York, and Sweet Home Alabama. We are well-rounded people.

After two wonderful days at the cabin we headed down from the mountains and  went to a theater to watch the movie The Internship. I can't tell you how it was, because twenty minutes into it the projector crapped out and we were given a refund and shown the door. Sad trombone. An anticlimactic ending to an epic weekend.

Yep. That is how we celebrate anniversaries in the Humblebee household.

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  1. That cabin is completely adorable!

  2. Ugh, I'm dying to take a trip away from the kids like that! But, question: are you breastfeeding? If so, HOW DID YOU MANAGE to do it? Did you have to pump while you were away?

    1. No, not breastfeeding. I didn't have a full supply and after 10 weeks of nursing and supplementing with formula I gave up on the nursing. It was disappointing, but on the bright side it does make weekend getaways sans kids MUCH more do-able:) I know people who BF who went on vacation without the baby and they had to pump around the clock.

  3. Love that cabin - and I'm totally curious as to where you went?!?!

    I didn't realize it was your anniversary when I saw you, or I'd have told you in person - Happy Anniversary! It was nice to see you on Sunday!!

    1. It was good to see you too! The place we went was called Mountain Creek Cabins out past Cheat Lake a bit. Definitely, definitely recommend. Modern amenities and very few bugs, despite the rustic look:) There was even a hot tub!