Friday, June 7, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday {Vol.13}

This is not going to be pretty or even interesting, but I have had this draft in my file for LITERALLY four months and Friday has snuck up on me AGAIN. I staunchly refuse to let this rot for another week so I will commence the rambling.

Tomorrow we are going on a family outing to a rummage sale at a local church. I am really psyched to go since I have found so many  treasures so far this garage saleing season. I'm feelin' lucky! What will I find this time?
The problem is that it starts at 3pm on a Friday and my kids are just delightful at that time of day. Well too bad for you kiddos! I am not going to miss all the good stuff because you turn into gremlins in the afternoons.
 I am totally excited for the Summer Simplify Challenge over at White House, Black Shutters. My entryway is a WRECK. It doesn't have a front closet, which boggles me, because didn't people who lived 100 years ago wear coats and boots too? What did the original owners do with all that stuff? Anyway, I hope my creative juices start flowing and I come up with some storage solutions.

I just printed off my entry form for a 5k race that takes place in...oh gosh...ten days.  It's been almost three years since my last 5k--it was pretty memorable but not in a good way. We had just done a couch-5k program and were feeling pretty awesome about ourselves when Nemo turned his ankle and sprained it really, really badly, and we were stranded in the middle of the woods on a bike path with no vehicle access. The race organizers did not plan for this sort of thing so we had to make it back to civilization on our own. Nemo had to walk 1.5 miles on an ankle that was swollen up to the size of a softball and as purple as an eggplant. So that was fun. Hoping for a better experience this time around!                                                                   
So today I got my yoga mat out of storage because I am a health nut now, I guess. CJ took a shine to it and immediately did this:
 Which makes no sense since he has never seen anything yoga-related in his life. How the heck does he know the downward facing dog?
I've spent the last seven afternoon naptimes working on the DIY project from Hades, and today I pronounced it "good enough". During tomorrow's nap I can finally start a new item on the house project list. Or maybe I'll eat Nutella out of the jar and watch Duck Dynasty. After a week of inhaling paint stripper fumes, I deserve it.

Today you can also find me over on my other blog where I'm talking about my favorite breakfast food. Hope to see you there!

Thanks to Jen for hosting! Over and out.

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