Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Bday for CJ

Earlier this week we celebrated my eldest munchkin's second birthday. Sometimes the last two years feel as if they have been impossibly short. He can't possibly be two! He was just an enormous newborn yesterday, wasn't he? Then, at other times I can hardly believe that its only been two years. Shouldn't he be like, ten, right now?

The theme of the day was "8", since that's the birthday boy's favorite number. It was the first number he learned to say and he has always like it the best. I made him a shirt with an "8" appliqued on it, and while  he liked looking at it, he really didn't want to wear it. Really really with a tantrum.

The night before the big day Nemo and I made cupcakes. CJ and I love watching the show Cupcake Wars on the Food Network together, but he's never actually eaten one in his whole life. I know, I'm a cruel woman.

Anyway, I really wanted to rectify that so we went all out in the cupcake department. We started with this recipe for whole wheat chocolate cake from the 100 Days of Real Food website. We just  had to change the cooking time a little bit since we were making cupcakes instead of a big cake.
 Then we cut out the middle of the cupcakes and put in some yummy blackberry filling.
 Then we iced them with a cream cheese buttercream (with a couple of blackberries mixed in for color). Nemo made the toppers by putting melted chocolate chips in a pastry bag and writing out the 8s onto a piece of wax paper.
 The cupcake itself was a little bland, but coupled with the filling and the frosting they were very, very tasty! CJ loved the chocolate toppers, the frosting, and the filling, but didn't like the actual cupcake. I don't blame him. It was whole wheat, after all.
We finished off the day with a trip to the children's museum. CJ had a great time, and of course had a tantrum when it was time to leave. 
It's going to be a challenging year, isn't it?

But seriously, love him.

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