Sunday, June 23, 2013

WIWS {Vol. 2} Rambling Towards Brunch

Linking up with the ladies over at Fine Linen and Purple for another What I Wore Sunday!
I've been thinking a lot lately about why we dress up for God. I want to be able to explain it coherently to the kids when they are older.

God loves us perfectly, with a love that is beyond what we wear, what we eat, and even what we do. There's nothing inherently wrong with wearing jeans to church. So why can't I just wear jeans to church, other than the fact that my grandmother would make me go change if she could see me?

And this is what I came up with:
We humans are kind of limited in the ways we can show God that we love Him. We can't love as he does (although that is the goal of course) so we must express our love using one of the Love Languages we are more fluent in. And that's where dressing up comes in. God may not care if I show up at his house wearing cargo pants, a tshirt, and flip flops, but taking care with my appearance is a way I can tell Him that I love Him, in my own inadequate human way.

Enough rambling. Bring on the outfit!

Dress: Last week I went to Kohls for bras and only bras and came home with this dress. Sonoma brand. Really comfy.

Cardigan: Not actually a cardigan. It's a Jones New York shirt that I got from TJ Maxx several months ago, but I couldn't help but notice that it coordinated really well with my new dress, so I cut it down the front and stitched down the rough edges to make it into a cardi.

Shoes: Old old old Merona. I hadn't worn them in a really long time so I thought I would take them out for a spin - it turns out there may be some truth to that old wives tale that your feet grow after pregnancy. They were not so comfy.

Accessory-wise, I chose this necklace because CJ asked for it especially. He calls it "Mommy's E" and he pretty much requires that I wear it every day.
And also these earrings. They were a gift from Nemo on our first Valentine's day as a dating couple. Even after eight years I still think they are the purdiest thing I own.

We went to the 7:30am Mass today, which as you may know is really really early. But the kids are usually up by then so there isn't a reason to put it off, I guess. Except for the fact that I'm usually not out of my jammies until 9am or so.

I completely expected good behavior from CJ and Noni since they are usually at their best before they have too much day under their belts, but alas it was not so. I looked away from CJ for one second while I was putting the fussy Noni in the sling, and in that time he had plundered the diaper bag, found a container of formula, and spread it all over the pew, the diaper bag, and himself. We've had some disaster Masses before, but that was a new one. CJ redeemed himself to some extent when during the sign of peace he was actually saying, "Sign of peace. Sign of Peace. Sign of Peace" as he shook everyone's' hand.

Sticky pews notwithstanding, I was in a pretty good mood because after Mass we had our across-the-street neighbors, who also go to our church and have two little ones about CJ and Noni's ages, over for brunch. Nemo made cinnamon rolls. We used cloth napkins. It was FANCY.

And now everyone is napping and I am going to research how to spray paint metal. 

Have a wonderful Sunday, everyone!



  1. Love the e necklace. Too cute.

  2. Love the outfit and also love the explanation for why we dress up, defiantly something to chew on.

  3. New to your blog from Fine Linen & Purple- I love your explanation about dressing for Mass. It's sweet and simple! And I loooove your DIY cardi. I long to find one with sleeves that length. Maybe I'll try making one!