Friday, July 5, 2013

7 QTs: On Bad Language and Jerky Deer {Vol. 15}

It's Friday again! How does this keep happening? Let's see what I can slap together here...

Am I the only parent who laughs when their toddler unintentionally uses foul language? CJ has had me in stitches lately. He has trouble pronouncing the word "six". The other day he was playing with his number puzzle and the number 6 fell off the table, which made him exclaim, "Oh no, six!" Which is funny in and of itself, but it was made still funnier when it came out sounding more like, "Oh, no sh*t!" I die. Then this morning he was playing with his alphabet floor puzzle. He had the "A" piece in his hand and was looking around for the appropriate spot to put it, and kept saying to himself, "A hole! A hole!"

Speaking of A-holes (best segue ever!!!), can we talk about what unbelievable jerks city deer are? They are soooo cheeky. In our neighborhood they can often be seen grazing on people's front lawns in broad daylight. They have no fear of humans. It's creepy! It's unnatural! This spring I was kind of busy with a colicky newborn so I didn't have too much time or energy for gardening, but I did throw a couple of vegetable plants in the ground. We also have a dwarf peach tree in a pot on our patio. I got it for Nemo for his last birthday and we were eagerly looking forward to drinking homemade peach booze this fall. Everything was going great, considering our lack of effort. There were blossoms on the tomato and squash plants and 35 little peaches on our tree! Then one morning were aghast to discover one morning that our wild neighbors had come into our yard and eaten everything even remotely edible and almost destroyed the plants in the process.
Our lovely peach tree, robbed of all of its fruit and most of its leaves. 

Sure, instead of complaining about it I could take measures to prevent them from doing it again, but we don't really have the time or money to construct an 8-foot fence around the back yard at this juncture. Anyone know of any good deer repellents?


Today was the first morning in several months that I managed to scrape myself out of bed and do some chores before the kids got up. I was putzing around, making tea and doing laundry in the peace and quiet, when I happened to look out the back window.


I got my phone to take a picture and went out onto the back porch. He just stood there chewing his cud, looking at me for a few moments before having the common decency to turn tail and run. I think he did it for appearance's sake. I very clearly heard him say, "meh" as he jumped the fence.


 I have the house to myself at the moment. Nemo has just taken CJ on an outing to the library and Noni is down for a nap, but should be waking up in the next 20 minutes or so. Oh the pressure! I don't know if I'll be able to finish...


Hmmm I guess I could mention that I am running my church's annual 5k race tomorrow. The weather looks pretty grim for most of the day but the forecast is calling for mid-70s and partly sunny at 9am--maybe I will shoot for a personal record. If it was going to be hot and muggy I would say forget it and count my lucky stars if I even finish...


 Oh! Noni's first tooth popped in to say hey today. She's a lot younger than CJ was (he was 7 months, she is only 5.5 months) and she didn't have a bad attitude about it (which CJ always did) so it was kind of a surprise. Yay for low-drama teething!


And lastly, a shameless plug. Nemo made some homemade peanut butter and I blogged about it on my other blog. If you like PB&Js, check it out!

Whew! Made it just in time. Have a great weekend, everyone! Be sure to head over to Jen's blog for some more Quick Takes.


  1. According to Franz, other than a shotgun or you fence idea, two other good options are RepellsAll and Liquid Fence. Not sure what that would run you though.

  2. Maybe you can work out a deer version of Lion LIghts:

  3. Something has snapped the tops of our pepper plants...I hope they will recover! We have woods at the back of our house so who knows what critters are lurking. Makes gardening an adventure!