Monday, July 22, 2013

Family Funday {At the RV Lot}

So I mentioned in my previous post that Nemo and I plan to buy a decommissioned school bus and convert it into a camper. I was completely serious and I still am! We are still in the very, very early planning phases of this project (which is usually my favorite part of DIY projects) so we still need to do a lot of research.

We figured that actually going inside a few campers to get a better idea of the dimensions would be a good place to start. I haven't been in an RV since I was a kid, after all. So, over the weekend we made a family trip to a local RV dealer to get the facts.

CJ was crazy excited about the whole thing. During the drive to the dealer he was chanting, "RVs! RVs! More RVs!" (I don't really know why he was excited in advance; we had never mentioned RVs to him before!) When we got to there he ran around like a maniac and christened each RV we looked at by pretending to take a nap on the master bed.

He also liked practicing for his road test. 

Noni may not have liked the experience quite as much as CJ did, but she didn't complain too much. 

So this is what we found out: RVs are expensive. The ones we looked at were in the $25K range, and frankly, they put me in mind of condemned airplanes. Plus they smelled bad. Not exactly my idea of traveling in comfort and style.

That's one of the reasons we want to go the skoolie route--affordability! Going the DIY route can get you a pretty sweet ride that is customized to your particular needs for a fraction of the price of a brand-new RV (which can easily cost over $100K).

So, as much fun as we all had at the RV lot, it only solidified our decision to do it ourselves!


  1. Wow! I had no idea you guys planned on this... you both are so creative and handy I bet you could do an awesome job! Come south!

    1. We definitely had you guys in mind when we came up with this plan:)