Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Plight of a 2nd Child {The Microscopic Nursery}

When I was pregnant with Noni we assumed she would be sleeping in our room once she was born, and stay there for the foreseeable future. There wasn't really a spare bedroom for her. Our third bedroom is the office/office/guest room/library and our fourth bedroom is in the unheated attic. Neither ideal for a baby, so we set up the cosleeper next to our bed and figured it would stay there a while.

We made it about seven weeks. As it turns out, I am a super light sleeper and Noni sounds like a rhinoceros when she sleeps. I never got even one consecutive hour of sleep, not because she genuinely needed assistance but because her grunts and farts would wake me up.Then I would think she was awake and try to feed her, which only made her ACTUALLY wake up and be mad about it.

So we had to find a nursery for her, and FAST. The only other option was the "bonus" room at the end of the hall, which up until then was being used as Nemo's study. (You may remember from a post last year when we replaced the flooring). It measures a mere 9'x6' so it wasn't any good for much else. When we moved in this house we were a bit confused as to what the room was used for back when it was built in the 1920s. It's too small to be a bedroom, so the only other obvious explanation is that it was used for storage.

Now, I put some serious time and effort into CJ's bedroom. I made the curtains, painted the shelves, and picked the artwork. It even has a color scheme.

Noni gets a walk-in-closet. Poor girl.

Here's how we made it work:

Yep, that is a shower curtain rod installed along the back wall. We've got to hang her dresses somewhere!

[I'm too lazy to move the math books from the shelves. Besides, all our other bookshelves are full.]

She's still sleeping in the cosleeper, and probably will until she goes to college because anything bigger just won't fit in there.

Above the nightstand is a Doctor Who-themed mobile that my very crafty younger sister Bots (not her real name; it's just what all her nieces and nephews call her). I love it.

For more storage we were also able to squeeze in a bookshelf that we already had. These storage baskets fit just perfectly!

TARDIS figurine courtesy of my brother. We like Doctor Who up in here.

Aaaand that concludes the tour.

It got thrown together in a hurry. It may not be a masterpiece, but it sure is cozy.

And we are all sleeping much better. 

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