Friday, August 30, 2013

A Mirror, a Recipe, and an Almost-Adoption {7 QTs}


Since I redid the powder room I have been taking a short break from DIY stuff to mostly just sit on my butt and watch Copper. No sense getting burned out, after all! But I did do one leetle project...

I picked up this mirror at a yard sale for $1. I'm on a mirror kick lately.

So while the kids were napping one day I gave it a quick coat of spray primer and then a couple coats of yellow paint leftover from the other nursery accessories. I don't think that quart of paint will EVER run out.

I put it next to the changing table so the kiddos can amuse themselves with their cute reflections while I do all the dirty work. So far they like it.


The kids are working some major overtime in the developmental milestone department. Noni is determined to crawl and has been working out like a maniac to make that happen ASAP.

Meanwhile, my extremely left-brained son has been holding some experiments with imaginative play. Here he is pretending to take a nap in his "crib".


My band has a gig playing at a historical reenactment on Saturday and Sunday. We have to dress up and everything! I really should be brushing up on the tunes we will be playing since I just recently started going to rehearsals again (took a long break when Noni was small...) and I am a little rusty. But it's ok, I am a master at air-fiddling.

While I am busy with the gig Nemo is taking the kids to his parents' for the weekend. So while I am not busy pretending to play the fiddle in full historical garb I will have the house all to myself. Oh my. Naps! TV that is not Super Why! Sleeping in past 7am! Wheeeeee! I am going to miss their cute little faces but I'm really looking forward to my solo staycation.

He's ready to go to Mimi's house!


The short film I Forgot My Phone was making the rounds on Facebook this week and after watching it I have been trying to curb my smartphone use, as I imagine a lot of people are. The good result is that I'm getting more face-to-face time with the family. The bad result is I am very, very behind on my blog reading. As we speak I have 37 posts in my Bloglovin' queue. THIRTY SEVEN. And I have only 1.5 hours of nap time left, tops. AND I have to make some ratatouille with our CSA veggies too. Gulp.


Yesterday I took the kids shopping to kill some time before dinner and we popped in Petco to see the animals. CJ had never been there before so he was more than happy to explore but once he saw the cat that was up for adoption is was just beside himself with glee. Pure joy.

Probably had a lot to do with the fact that it looked exactly like the stuffed cat that he sleeps with. Except, you know, alive.

I allllmost brought it home with us. When we got home for dinner I told Nemo about Meow Meow's living doppelganger and he went to Petco to check it out--he's been wanting another cat. But unfortunately there weren't any adoption personnel there at that hour so he came back home cat-less. Sigh.


Over on the other blog I am sharing a recipe to help get rid of zucchini. Check it out if you, like me, have an excess of summer squash in your fridge.

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  1. That is a really fun idea about the mirror! We are going to be decorating the nursery this weekend. I love the yellow accent!!

  2. I really need to kidnap, ahem, invite you over so you can DIY in my house! I'm super envious of your awesome skillz!

    Enjoy your weekend!!! Tell Nemo if he needs a break, he can leave the kiddos at Mimi's and come hide, ahem, hang out at our house ;).