Saturday, August 24, 2013

A Small Deviation from the Plan

More like a wild tangent.

Earlier this week Nemo offered to get up with the kids on Saturday morning so I could have a good old-fashioned lie-in. Unfortunately for both of us he came down with a bug or something last night -- I blame the raw fish he ate on Sushi Thursday -- and was in no shape to wrangle the bambinos in the am.

So we did our thang like we usually do. Whining (CJ). Forcing mommy to write the alphabet ad nauseum. More whining (me). Hilarious attempts at clapping (Noni). Faceplanting (Noni). Demands for MORE JUUUUUUUICE! (CJ)

For a nice change of pace I tried to cut the lawn with Noni in the backpack and CJ "helping" to push the reel mower. We got half way done and suddenly everyone was crying so we went for a walk and hit up a yard sale around the corner. Two containers of sidewalk chalk for $1. Score!
It entertained him for a solid hour, but during that hour he asked me 173 times to write letters for him.

So the chalk saved the rest of the morning, then it almost ruined the afternoon when CJ refused to stop writing the letter "A" long enough to go inside for lunch. Tantrum tantrum tantrum you know the drill.

Then he decided that, instead taking a nap, he was going to lie in his crib and sing the ABC song to himself at the top of his lungs. For an hour and a half. I was super seriously annoyed, if you can believe that. I ended up taking him up to the attic with me while Noni finished her nap so I could get some sewing done.

CJ loves the sewing room, mostly because he adores scissors, pins, and seam rippers. So very few of my projects turn out well because I'm always lunging at him to take away something that could seriously maim him--or me. More than once he had tried to "help" me pin fabric together and ends up jabbing me with a pin.


While we were up there I sneezed (I never clean up there and it is majorly dusty), and he said very sweetly, "Bless you, mommy!" That cheered me up a little.

Then for the rest of the afternoon and evening, he kept blessing me even though I did not have any more sneezes. He must have said it 75 times! And every time he said it I felt a little less pissy. It's hard to be a grump when someone is blessing you every time you turn around.

I feel like Someone is trying to teach me a lesson. And He is using a two-year-old as an evangelist. Hey, whatever works.

I am going to go bask in the blessedness. And a scotch. And maybe a brownie. Have a great weekend, everyone!

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  1. Hah- this made me laugh. It helps to know we all have days like this. Thanks for sharing. And I hope you continue to feel better!