Friday, August 16, 2013

Bleach Blunder

Earlier this summer I decided there were not enough sleeveless shirts in my life so I thrifted a couple. This one was my favorite of the bunch. The fabric is super soft and the color is great. (It's actually more of a sea green, although you can't see that in the pictures.)((Please ignore the photobombing dead stinkbug.))

It was only a few short days later when, genius that I am, I decided to wear my new favorite shirt to clean the house. Of course I splashed bleach on it.

It isn't super obvious but it bothered me, so I threw it in my mending pile and moved on with my life.

Then I was telling my grandma my story of woe and she suggested that I just put an applique over the bleached areas. I'm kinda embarrassed that I didn't think of it myself; I never pass up an opportunity to applique.

Earlier this week the kids and I had a great morning together, so when nap time rolled around I had the energy for something other than sitting on the couch and recovering.

First I printed out some appropriately sized stars (I used the "insert shape" function in Microsoft Word).

Then I transfered the stars to some Heat n Bond iron-on adhesive paper and ironed them on a scrap of pretty fabric that I had left over from making a knotted teething necklace.

After removing the backing from the appliques I placed the stars strategically over the bleached spots and ironed them on real good.

Then I did some hand-stitching around the edges of the stars for some visual interest.

Pictured here with the teething necklace from whose leftover fabric I made the appliques.
(BTW, I finally reopened my Etsy shop now that Noni occasionally permits me to sew. I have several teething necklaces listed there!)

Hey! I think I like it even better than I did before. 

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