Thursday, August 8, 2013

Happy Day

I am a prodigious online shopper and I always look forward to the delivery truck pulling up to the curb. It's like Christmas! But I am especially excited to see that truck when I know that it is bringing something that will save my sanity.

Today these furniture socks showed up at my doorstep and I could have wept tears of joy.

Backing up a little. After our counter tops got installed last October and we could officially move in to the new kitchen, we bought these super heavy bar stools to go at the island. We typically eat meals here rather than in the dining room, as the dining room is carpeted. With white carpet. No thanks.
The noise that these chairs make when they are moved across the ceramic tile floor is absolutely deafening. It. drives. me. bananas. SCREEEEECHHHHHHH. 

Whenever someone gets up to refill sippies of milk. Whenever someone runs to get a rag to clean up ketchup down the front of ashirt. Whenever someone gets up to bounce a cranky baby. SCREEEEEECHHHH. Ugh.

I tried those felt pads with the adhesive backing but they never stuck for long. So I have been gritting my teeth and bearing it for almost a year. Hello, TMJ!

Then when we went to my parent's lake house last month my mom introduced me to these furniture socks that she got to protect her wood floors from the legs of the umpteen dining room chairs (I come from a large family). She should seriously be in consulting. She knows the perfect product to fix any household snafu.

Unfortunately we had just purchased a double stroller that cost an obscene amount of money.

Seeing the pure joy on my children's faces when riding in their new chariot makes it worth any amount of money to me! 
But this large purchase meant that I couldn't get my hands on some chair socks of my own right away. However, as soon as a new budget month rolled over I ordered them straightaway. And now they're here! And they work perfectly.

They may look a little goofy, but I value both my sanity and my hearing, so that's the end of that. Best $30 I ever spent.


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