Sunday, August 25, 2013

Something New and Different {WIWS}

 So, this week's Mass outfit...

Got thrown together at the last minute. I've never worn this combo before but I think I kinda like it.

Skirt: Thrifted ages ago in a land far far away. Pittsburgh, actually. St. Johns Bay brand. Very unexciting except for the fact that when I wore this same skirt a few months ago I had to wear a belly band to keep it shut. Not so today! Woot for finally dropping some postpartum chocolate binge poundage!

Shirt: Banana Republic via Goodwill.

Cardigan: Jones New York quarter length tee hastily altered to be a cardigan. I just cut it up the middle and didn't even bother to hem the rough edge. I heart jersey material.

Shoes: Thrifted at the St. Vincent de Paul store here in town. I love that place. Sometimes they have really great stuff...but most of the time they have half-used bottles of hair gel. Finding the good stuff takes some serious dedication. I love a challenge.

Necklace: Teething Bling.  Because going to Mass with a 7 month old absolutely requires a toy that cannot be thrown underneath pews.

Bedhead and utter lack of makeup: courtesy of waking up at 6:54 to go to the 7:30am Mass. The good news is, we made it! Before the entrance hymn, even. The bad news is there were some sacrifices, like breakfast and shaving my legs.

Bambino behavior: 

CJ: Points added for getting excited for "peace time", as he calls giving the sign of peace, and general cuteness. Points taken away for tearing a page in the hymnal, taking Noni's toys, and general orneriness. B-

Noni: Points added for showing interest in the Transubstantiation. Points taken away for sucking on the pew in front of us to make farting noises during the homily. B-

Retention of material by the parentals: 8% 
Sadly, this is better than normal. Next week I am going to shoot for the stars and go for 9.5%.

Right now the kids are napping and Nemo went into work for a few hours. I have been trying to finish watching The Avengers all week and TODAY IS THE DAY.

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  1. I think you look great! So modern and fresh. I keep wanting to try one of those teething necklaces...

    1. I definitely recommend them! The babies love them and I love wearing jewelry that they can't break. Thanks for stopping by!