Thursday, September 26, 2013

Mother's Little Helper

During our Aldi shopping trip a few months ago I found some storage baskets for $4 a piece. Of course I bought them all. No, seriously, I did. I cleared the shelf. Old homes are notorious for being short on storage space, and ours is no exception. I intended to build storage cubes like this one from Ikea to house them...

except maybe not bright pink

...but of course I have been having trouble finding the time, So the baskets have been lining the walls and collecting all the little ephemera that have no place else to go. Socks, scarves, and little jackets in the front hall, stuffed animals and blankies in the living room, etc.

Enter the cat.

Pippin, who has called out house his home for almost a month now, is a real sweetie. He lets the kids pull his ears, put him in laundry baskets, pile pillows on top of him, and tickle his paws. He's a stellar cuddler. He's an all-around good cat except in one little area: he can't seem to be able to tell the difference between a storage basket full of scarves and a litter box.

Oh, also, I have a bad habit of leaving clean laundry piled in the hallway outside the kids' rooms when they are napping with the intention of putting it away when they wake up. Which I almost never do, so I just choose an outfit from the pile when it is time to get the little ones dressed. Until the day I dressed CJ and couldn't figure out where the cat pee smell was coming from.

Don't worry, I did eventually figure it out. But not before CJ rolled all over my bed. Curses.

Anyway, I am hoping that Pippin  will eventually learn that the litter box is the box with kitty litter in it, and not the one full of little hats.

I mean, it's just because he's young, right? He'll figure it out, right? JUST SAY RIGHT. Because I'm having trouble keeping up with all the laundry, and I don't want to be that house that smells like a cat urinal.

The silver lining is that I don't leave laundry in the hallway any more.

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