Friday, September 6, 2013

My Morning Tea

I love my morning tea.

I’m a third generation Red Rose Tea drinker.

I have a lot of memories of my grandparents sitting around their farmhouse kitchen table, drinking their afternoon tea from stained-black mugs.

My dad’s teacups are similarly stained. He takes his tea “black as the devil and hot as hell”. When I was a kid, I would always rack up the brownie points by bringing him a hot cup of tea as he sat in the recliner reading his German-language newspaper.

I’ve been drinking tea since I was a kid, and I still take it the way my grandma prepared it for me—with a lot of milk and a little sugar.
I have grown very, very particular about the way I prepare my morning tea. Nemo likes to tease me for traveling with my particular tea mug and spoon. I suppose it could be seen as a little eccentric but it is completely necessary in order for me to fully appreciate my tea.. How else am I supposed to get the tea-sugar-milk proportions just right?


I love my tea. I love the ritual of making it and then sitting down to enjoy it and a few moments of peace and quiet. I can’t imagine a morning without it.
This tea manifesto does have a point. I’m getting to it.

day of fasting

When I first head about the day of fasting for peace in Syria, my first thought was, “But what about my teeeeeea?”. God puts up with a lot of whining like that from me. Doing without full meals is pretty hard, but no tea is a real issue for me. (I should point out that water, tea, coffee, milk, juice are allowed to a fasting person, but because I enjoy my tea so deeply I don’t drink it during fasts).

So basically I was getting all bent out of shape about having to go without my tea for one morning. Way to be holy, Eva.

I have been working all week to get in the right mindset. I have been doing a lot of reading. In particular I recommend this excellent post from 3 Minute Apologetics on why Catholics fast and this article from the Washington Post that summarizes the situation in Syria as succinctly as possible. I also came across this quote that actually made me excited for the fast:

Clothe thyself with the spiritual armour (fasting), for we have a heavy warfare to wage with demons.
~St. John Chrysostom

I'm ready for battle now.

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