Thursday, September 12, 2013

O-P-E-N for Business

CJ's thing du jour is "open" signs. Allow me to illustrate his affection for them with an amusing anecdote:

The other day I took the kids to the vet to pick up Pippin, who was fresh from the operating table sans one pair of testicles. Poor baby. 

As we were leaving the vet's office CJ spotted an "open" sign in the window of the business next door. It was one of those neon signs that flashes "O...P...E...N...OPEN" over an over again. CJ was pretty stoked about it, and he ran over and stood right in front of the window to read the letters as they lit up. I stood by him and frantically tried to think of a way to coax him away from the letters and back into the car so we could just go home already.

That's when I noticed that there were curtains completely covering the front windows of the business. Then I noticed the "ATM inside" sign on the front door. And then I noticed the name. At that point I started to put two and two together.


So there I was, standing outside a strip club with a drugged up kitten in a carrier, a baby strapped to my chest, and a two-year-old jumping up and down, clapping his hands in delight, and squealing, "Open! Open! O-P-E-N! Open!

Life is ridiculous.

The other day when I was sewing CJ got into one of my craft storage bins and found some corrugated cardboard letters left over from making a party bunting a few years ago that I had completely forgotten about. I decided to use them to make an "open" sign for my crazy little boy.

I got a frame from the St. Vincent de Paul store for $1.50 and painted it with the spray paint left over from this project. I used some scrapbook paper for the background. I've had the same pad of scrapbook paper for 6 years. I think it is high time I admit to myself that I will never be a scrapbooker.

I put the sign right by CJ's little table in the living room. That little table is also home to his new "toy"--an adding machine that I got at a garage sale. It looks like CJ's accounting firm is open for business.

That concentration!

His apprentice seems underwhelmed.

Then CJ did something funny off-camera.


 No one can make Noni laugh like he can!

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