Friday, September 27, 2013

The Boodwah

I am a creature of habit, and I work pretty hard to make sure the little creatures in my care follow in my footsteps. For the most part we have a good little routine going.

However, things will go wrong, and when they do they do so in a rather spectacular, hilarious fashion. Take today for example. I slept pretty poorly last night, thanks to going to bed much too late and having a nightmare involving Edith Stein (don't ask me, ask my subconscious).

Then Noni, who has been a top-notch sleeper ever since she got over her colic, was up screaming at 5 o'clock sharp. She had a pretty good excuse, namely a mess in her pantalones and a rather alarming diaper rash, but I was still a little piqued to be up for the day at five.

I know, I know; woe is mom.

On the bright side, Noni and I got to have some girl time, which doesn't  happen too often. We spent our two hours together watching Murder, She Wrote and biting the coffee table.

There were many other mishaps during the day, including the dreaded CJ Napfail. He doesn't skip naps often, but when he does it is at the most inconvenient time possible.

Long story short (too late!!!) it's been a long and tiring day but before I head off to bed I really really want to show you what I've been working on lately!

Here is the master bedroom back in June.

Cool lamps, huh? 

The duvet set is approximately six years old and has been through the wringer, including our non-declawed cats and an unfortunate housekeeping disaster (it involves a zucchini. Go read; it's funny!)

I knew I wanted to update the bedding but I pondered the details for quite a while. I finally decided that the best fit for me was to buy a neutral duvet cover and then to make some shams and a bedrunner with some more colorful fabrics. This way when my tastes change I can just whip up some new shams and --presto!-- updated room!

Here's what I came up with.

The bed runner is reversible in case I'm in the mood for blue.

Pippin decieded to make a cute nuisance of himself.

 I got the little mirrors at a garage sale this summer--$5 for all of them plus some sidewalk chalk!

 The purple one's my favorite.

I also relocated this ceder chest from elsewhere in the house to the foot of the bed. It desperately needs to be refinished but since it is a family piece I am skeered that I'll wreck it. Maybe after I refinish a few other things first...

The new look is really encouraging me to make the bed every morning. I love walking past the master bedroom now!

Let the record show that for this picture-taking occasion I ironed my sheets and dust ruffle the for the first time, ever. It's a good thing I took pictures because that's never happening again.

  photo Signature1_zps6ee36174.jpg

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  1. Oh I love it!!! I am in desperate need (read: our comforter is 10 years old!) of a new comforter or duvet - I think I might just borrow this idea :).

    1. Ha ha glad you like it! In retrospect maybe a white duvet cover wasn't the best choice for us given all the cats around here but I just like the way it looks so much!