Sunday, September 29, 2013

What I Wore Sunday:Fixing Old Navy

Happy Feast of the Archangels!
This morning  I threw on my favorite going-to-Mass-in-cold-weather outfit.
Dress: Old Navy
Standard black leggings
Boots: Keen Ferno High Boot. Love!
No jewelry because that is the kind of week I’ve had.
It’s my favorite outfit because it is way comfortable. I only put up with discomfort for extra special occasions, like…I can’t even think of any. If it ain’t comfortable, it goes in the donate pile.
That being said the dress has always annoyed me a little. The source of this annoyance was 90% due to the goofy side pockets.
Seriously, aren’t they weird-looking? The pocket lining tends to get all bunched up, so you have these wads of fabric hanging off your hips. Plus, the dress material is so thin that you can’t put anything thicker than a business card in the pocket without the shape showing through.
Bad call, Old Navy.
The other 10% annoyance is from the fact that the neck opening is too big and always gapes open. (Naturally I decided not to capture this phenomenon in the picture.)
After an averagely exhausting Mass, I put the kids down for a nap and then decided to do away with the pockets all together.
Since I wanted to take the side seams in a little bit anyway I just turned the dress inside-out and sewed a new seam about 3/4 inch in from the old one. Then I just cut off the pocket. Problem solved!

Then to fix the gaping neck-hole problem I put a piece of 1/4” elastic inside a 4” section of the neckline, then pulled the elastic tight and stitched it into place.
So, to sum up:
No more goofy pockets!
No more gaping neckline!
It might not look that different, but trust me on this one: it is A LOT better.
Other than sewing, we spent the day just chillin’. (Well, me and the kids chilled. Nemo is ears deep in grading, which is no fun for anyone.)
I am so happy that CJ and I have reached the point in our relationship that once in a while we can just sit on the couch together and not make excessive demands on each other.

Hanging out, watching Leap Frog something or other.
I let CJ play on the iPad on Sundays, so while he was completely and utterly content to mess with very expensive technology, I took the opportunity to lie down on the sofa next to him and nap. Except I couldn’t really nap because of all the beeping and booping, but it was nice to rest with my eyes closed for a while:)
Well, I am off to try to tempt Nemo away from grading with ice cream and Star Trek. Happy Sunday!

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  1. Love that striped dress! I have some with pockets that I really need to get rid of too... They're just so convenient! But they really only work if the dress is full enough to camouflage them.

    1. Pockets are the best! It felt slightly unethical to get rid of them since they are so useful, but I think it was for the best:) Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I love your dress fix! I have a whole pile of those kinds of things I need to "get to "... thanks for the inspiration!

  3. I have that same dress and it's sitting in my sewing pike because of the super annoying pockets! It's been languishing there for a good few months and I aim to have them cut out by spring. I know, my ambition is downright frightening. Yours looks cute!