Thursday, October 24, 2013

Family Picture Outtakes

This past weekend we took the kids and the DSLR out to the park to try and get some Christmas card-worthy family shots. Using the tripod and camera timer seemed the best way to go, as my grumpy kids wouldn’t be inconveniencing a real person should the whole thing go up in flames.
Nemo took quite a few shots of me and the kids, then we set up our “photographer” for some family shots. All in all we took 1381 pictures that day. They were all very special, but not exactly greeing card material. Here are a couple of my favorites:

2013 Family Pictures Gag Reel-001
Oh, you think smacking your sister is funny? Here, I have a 25-pound present for you. How do you like her now?
Bwah ha ha ha! That’s the kind of operation I run around here.


An attempted escape thwarted by a seat-of-the-pants grab.

I fell on my butt in the mud. CJ is being a zombie? Or something?

Oh hi. I see you have some expensive electronics. Me howd dat?

I have some heavy babies.


Hey everyone, look at Daddy! *No one looks at Daddy*

Take me how. Now.

 photo Signature1_zps6ee36174.jpg

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