Friday, October 4, 2013

Nemo Explains It All

I love my Nemo. I think he is the shiznit.

One of my favorite things about O Captain My Captain is that he comes up with some pretty cool ways to solve housekeeping dilemmas. Observe:

How to get rid of tenacious fruit flies.

The internet may have already told you that a trick to get rid of fruit flies in the kitchen is to mix some apple cider vinegar and a couple drops of dish soap in a small container and leaving it on the counter. We have been trying to lure our host of fruit flies to their watery graves by this method all season, but we kept running into a problem: our fruit flies are either very smart or not very hungry. They either like to sit around the rim of the bowl like sunbathers or just fly around directly above it; very few actually go in for a dip in our deadly cocktail.

Then Nemo found out that if you clap your hands above the bowl, the sound wave will blast both the flies that are flying around and the flies that are lounging poolside into the cider of death.

It's kind of the opposite of Tinker Bell.

How to get bonus chocolate milk

We typically have ice cream every night after the kids go to bed. It really helps me to get through the day when I know I have a special treat waiting for me at the finish line:) Nemo was making his sundae one evening and used up the bottle of chocolate syrup. But he is not the sort of fella to leave behind even a bit of chocolaty goodness! So he filled the bottle with milk, shook it up, and then drank his bonus chocolate milk directly from the bottle like a boss.

 How to fill freezer bags without making a huge mess.

We made a big batch of butternut squash and apple soup the other day, intending to freeze the bulk of it.  Nemo came up with the idea to feed the freezer bag through a wide-mouth canning ring to keep it open and then ladle in the soup. It's hard to explain. This is what it looks like:

Then you just remove the ring, seal the bag, and yay! You just put a liquid in a bag without leaving a swamp on the kitchen counter!


And now, some excerpts from the life of Nemo.

For whatever reason, CJ can't pronounce the hard "c" sound, so he substitutes a "ch" sound. Nemo is not always up on the CJ lingo because it changes day to day. Anyway, we were all sitting around one day and...

CJ: Daddy, chum!

Nemo: ...

CJ: DADDY. Chum!



Me: Nemo, he is telling you to come with him.

Nemo: Oh, I thought he wanted to cut me up and use me for shark bait.


One afternoon CJ wrote the word "red" on the front walk with sidewalk chalk. He was very proud and brought Nemo over to see.

Nemo: Yes, I see that you wrote R-E-D. That's very nice, but can you also write R-U-M"?

CJ (excitedly snatching up his chalk again): YES!

So my two-year-old proceeded to write R-U-M after the R-E-D, thereby writing REDRUM right on my front walk. Faaaaabulous.


One of CJ's favorite games is "tent", which involves a grown-up covering him up with a blanket. Nemo was playing with him the other day and after putting CJ in a tent, Nemo put a blanket over his own head and said, "We're an in tents family".

We certainly are.

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  1. Love the canning jar idea. Wish I'd had it two days ago!