Sunday, October 20, 2013

What I Wore Sunday

The day had a bit of a rough start when SOMEONE in the under three set started squawking at 5:30am. I suspect the offending party was simply hungry for breakfast 2 hours early because she refused her bedtime bottle last night. She really just doesn't have the time for bottles anymore. She's a busy girl.

The bright side to waking up at 5:30? I actually got to have a cup of tea and put on makeup and stuff! 

I wanted to snap the outfit pictures by my, I mean the kids', school desks, seeing as my getup was a little schoolmarmy.

...but the lighting was weird, the angle was funny, and I apparently had thoughts on Nemo's artistic style, so we moved outside to use our storage shed as a backdrop.


Skirt: Spanner, via Salvation Army

Leggings: Unknown brand, via Salvation Army. You can't tell in the pic, but they are an awesome chevron pattern.

Blouse: Worthington, purchased for my by my mother years ago before ruffles were cool, and I was all like, "I'll never wear that!" Just one of the many pieces of evidence that are pointing to the fact that mother really does always know best.

Boots: Keen

 Ok, back to the Mass.

To make things interesting, Nemo was serving as the lector at the 7:30am Mass, so he had to hightail it to the church earlier than the rest of us to prepare.I stayed behind to get everyone nourished, dressed, and into the car to make the 2 minute drive to church. I was rocking it, let me tell you. I was on schedule to actually get there early. Go me! Best mom ever!

Then CJ had a temper tantrum. I forget why. Then I had to defrost the windshield. We were late, albeit only by a few minutes.

This week I wanted to finally try the "sit in the very front pew" method of making kids behave during/be more interested in the Mass. Since Nemo wouldn't be sitting with us, I needed all the help I could get.

We didn't sit in the VERY front row though. That still seems a little bonkers. But we did sit in the 6th row, which during the very sparsely attended dawn Mass is almost as good as the 1st row.

And do you know what? It kind of worked. We had to briefly perambulate in the vestibule during the very long homily to get CJ's wiggles out, but other than that there was no cry room-worthy behavior.

This was made even more amazing by the fact that, due to Noni's early morning wakeup, she was ripe for a nap just as Mass was starting. But instead of turning into a rabid squirrel like she usually does when she is overtired, she just snuggled in my sling and munched on my jewelry. It was a beautiful thing.

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  1. LOVE this outfit! The ruffles, the color of the skirt, the textured tights, the boots - all great! They each have a little bit of flair but not so much that they don't work together. You look great!

    1. Thanks so much, Mary! I don't usually go for purple clothing, but I loved th elines of this skirt so much I decided to go for it, and I'm very glad I did:)

  2. Cute outfit! It's got so much going on, but it doesn't appear busy as an overall look. Excellent job, Mama!

  3. Love the ruffled blouse! So chic!