Friday, November 15, 2013

7 QTs - The Blahthroom

Linking up with Jen, who is making me wish I lived closer to Austin.

On Monday I began a spruce-up of our main bath. I thought I would be done by now, but SOMEONE (I won't mention who) is having sleep issues.
Funny how other people's sleep issues sap all of my energy...

Anyway, progress has been slow. But I am going to take a minute to share with you the "before" pictures and the plan of action. What follows may disturb you.

Get over the fact that we cannot do a complete renovation at this juncture.
In order to properly do it, we would need to rip everything out down to the studs, move a wall, and move plumbing. I mean, would you look at this silly layout?

That's as far as the door opens because the bathtub is in the way. Ideally we would move the tub to the wall at the far end (where the closet it), which will make the bathroom feel more like a room than a hallway.
To be fair, it's not THAT bad. We've had a lot worse.

 This was the bathroom at our last house at the time we bought it.

Alas, we don't have the time or the money right now. Plus we are still working on the kitchen.

So! A spruce-up it is.
Paint trim.
I don't have a picture that illustrates this very well, but the trim is painted a semi-gloss white. I know you are supposed to use semi-gloss in bathrooms because it is easier to clean, but I HATE the way it looks. The glare gives me a headache. I am an eggshell finish girl, for trim and walls.

Prime & paint walls

The walls are fake plastic tile over top of plaster.
 I don't actually hate the pattern but it is looking a little tired these days. Plus there are nail holes everywhere. Some primer & paint should perk it up nicely.

New shower curtain, bathmat, & window treatment.

Yay, shopping!

Do SOMETHING about the closet.
We took the door to the closet off the hinges because the way the room is laid out makes it terribly incontinent to get the door open. Plus we keep the litter pan in there and as the cats don't have opposable thumbs they can't open the door when they need to go.

While it is much better without the door, something has to be done so it isn't so gosh darn ugly.

Do something about the storage situation.

There isn't a medicine cabinet, so we keep a lot of our requently used items (toothpaste, soap, lotion, etc) in a storage bin on the back of the toilet. Classy. Also highly disorganized and slightly dangerous for little ones (Q.E.D, there are CJ-sized bite marks on my deodorant stick).

Put down new stick-on flooring tiles.

They're exactly the same as the ones that were in our former kitchen,

 Boy, do I get a kick out of the kitchen "before" pictures!
and they don't look any better in the bathroom. I want to go with some stick-on plank flooring I saw at Lowe's.

Whew, I can do it, right? Right?! Just say right.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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