Sunday, November 24, 2013

Catholicaversary! {WIWS}

Today is Christ the King Sunday!

Interesting factoid: In the Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Sweden, this day is referred to as "The Sunday of Doom". Wikipedia wasn't explicit as to how it came to have such a hilarious nickname, so I will make cookies for whoever can tell me the story behind that. 

If I'm doing my math right, today marks eighteen years since I entered the Catholic church. I was raised in a dual-faith household--dad is Catholic and mom was Lutheran.

I was baptized in a Lutheran church and me and my siblings typically attended services with my mom while my dad went to Mass all by his lonesome. However, I was drawn to the Catholic Church from an early age. I blame Sister Mary Benedict.

Anyway, I started attending Mass with my dad every week in addition to the Lutheran services with my mom.

When I was eleven years old I was ready to take the plunge, and I took my first communion and had my confirmation on the same day, Christ the King Sunday!

Today being my Catholicaversary and all, I had hoped for a positive Mass experience. Both CJ and Noni are going through an "only mommy" phase. At least, I hope it's a phase. Someone please tell me it's just a phase! They both insist on being held, which is fine--except Noni loves to push CJ's buttons and he is only too happy to scream bloody murder when she does. Plus it looks silly for me to stand in Mass holding sixty pounds of babies while Nemo holds the hymnal. People might get the wrong idea.

Anyway, our Mass experience devolved into one broken necklace, two facial  injuries, innumerable shoving matches, zero comprehension of the liturgy, and tears from three-quarters of the Humblebee family.

But the good news is we still got to be in the presence of Christ the King.

The outfit:

Dress: Thrifted (Dress Barn). It was presumably donated to the thrift store because the stitching on the hem had come undone. I reattached it just before we left for Mass. Good as new!

Necklace: Acquired yesterday from a vintage jewelry dealer at a craft show. Too bad Noni broke it during it's maiden voyage. Nemo MacGyvered it back together for the picture:)

Belt: Kohl's, I think. I belt everything I can so I give the illusion of having a waist!

Random white thread on the leg of my tights: my sewing room. I got half way through editing it out of the picture and then I was like, you know what? That thread happened. Gotta keep it real.

Happy Sunday, everyone! Don't forget to check out more Sunday Bests over at Fine Linen and Purple!

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  1. Happy Anniversary! And I'll say it's just a phase (I mean, I hope it's just a phase because we've been going through it too!)! You look amazing! I love that dress! The pattern is so cute and it's perfect with that belt!

  2. That background story sounds somewhat familiar. Mike was raised Lutheran (LCMS) by his mom, who took him and his brother to church every Sunday, while his dad went to Catholic Mass solo. I was raised United Methodist, but we both converted to the Catholic Church soon after we were married- he on Easter Sunday, I at Pentecost. Happy Catholicaversary!

  3. Happy Anniversary! That necklace is the perfect way to punch up the outfit - I'm so sorry it got broken! I lost one of my favorites to toddler antics recently, and my OTHER favorite to a yank-y baby... So one of my Christmas presents is going to be getting them repaired!

  4. I am all about belting, too. You look great, and happy Catholicaversary!

  5. Happy Anniversary! Cute outfit. Love that you can fix a dress so easily and make it as good as new! Your necklace is lovely with all the black.