Sunday, December 8, 2013

Metaphorical Carbs {What I Wore Sunday}

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This weekend we made a quick trip to Nemo's hometown so the kids could get some face time with Mimi and Pap-Pap. So this morning we headed to the University chapel at Nemo's Alma Mater. This chapel holds a special place in my heart because it was where Nemo and I first went to Mass together, on the Fourth Sunday of Advent in 2004.

My wonderful in-laws watched the kids so Nemo and I went to Mass kidless!

I am 100% pro-children at Mass. Bring 'em! Bring their friends! Let me hold one or two! That being said, I have zero angst about foisting the kids on the grandparents once in a while so we can go to church solo. Parenting during Mass is a character-building experience. But sometimes you have to rest up and carbo-load before the next workout, you know? So today I feasted on spiritual pasta and bread sticks, and next week I'll get back to building my character.

After Mass we ran across the street to the University library to explore and take some pics.

The outfit.

Dress: Anthropologie via eBay
I was so excited about this dress. I first saw this style over at Twice when I was looking for Black Friday deals, but as much as I loved it (It's my color! It has a fitted waist! And more importantly, it's CORDUROY!) I couldn't bring myself to buy it because it was the wrong size. I couldn't get it out of my head so later that week I was hunting around on the internet and I found one on eBay that was new with tags and 1/3 of the regular retail prize.

I was super pumped that it arrived in the mail just in time to throw it in the suitcase as we were heading out of town. Why, oh why, don't I try things on? While it does technically fit, the buttons down the front absolutely refused to stay buttoned. I had to use a bunch of safety pins in order to keep it rated G. I'm thinking of just stitching the front closed, which worked well for me with this project.So, stay tuned for that, I guess.

Jewelry: Gift from my mother-in-law. No idea where from but undoubtedly someplace cool.
Tights. Target???
Boots: Same old, same old Keen.

After playing hooky at the library we finally headed back and as it was snowing pretty hard we thought it would be a good idea to bundle up the kids and take them outside to play in the snow.

CJ was kind of skeptical at first (due to the last two winters being weirdly wet and muddy, this was his first snow experience) but he ended up liking it.

Ok, I should probably return Nemo's laptop to him now. Happy Sunday, everyone!

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  1. That dress looks great on you! Bummer about the front not closing properly. I love the whole outfit.

  2. That dress looks great on you...I love the color. Not sure if you are breastfeeding your baby,but button-down shirts/dresses never fit me well (without popping) while breastfeeding. If they are big enough to fit and not pop then they are too big and look ridiculous. I'm very familiar iwth the safety pin trick as well.

    1. Thanks! I usually shy away from button closures for that very reason, but I was a woman obsessed!

  3. That is a stunning dress and your children are adorable!

  4. Love this!! Sometime, maybe, hopefully, we will actually be in this town at the same time - ha!

    And CJ - oh my gosh, he's so big! And adorable!!

    1. Lol, I know! We are both so dang busy. If you are staying in town for Christmas maybe we'll see you...