Friday, January 17, 2014

Frankendress, Take 2

So, I've been meaning to make another Frankendress for a while (numero uno here). Since I refuse to make anything new for the shop until I figure out the ruffler foot for my sewing machine that I got for Christmas, yesterday seemed like the perfect opportunity to make something for myself.

I had these two thrifted items in my "to do something with" pile:

Hmm they kind of look like polka-dots in the picture.
But they are actually stars. I just like stars. Stars are my favorite.

Then there was this strapless maxi dress that I had no interest in wearing. I just bought it because that's a lot of fabric for $3, and I thought it might come in handy someday.

I always mean to take step-by-step pictures, but after I do the "befores" I get lost in the zone. So no "durings".

The process was essentially the same:

1. Cut off the bottom of the shirt.
2. Cut off the top of the dress.
3. Sew them together.
4. Cut the skirt off at an appropriate length.
4. No hemming because it's jersey, yay!

Of course it is a wee bit more complicated than that--I had to do a lot of fiddling, sizing-wise. 

This dress is slightly different from the first in that I made a sash out of extra fabric and attached it to the new dress at the side seams. I made it so that it ties in the back, but I may end up nixing that and just cut off the ties and sew it together in the back.


With a black cardigan (which I made from a 3/4 length top because I don't actually have any black cardis) and a glitzy brooch, I feel fancy enough to go to the opera. But I am actually going to toddler storytime at the library. Good thing it rates a 10 on the comfort scale. 

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  1. This is so cute! Very impressed.

    1. Thank you! It wasn't a bad way to spend 2 hours and I'm really loving the end result:)

  2. In my goodness! I love this! I think I could make something like this from things in my closet.

    1. Thank you! It's a great way too change up your wardrobe without buying anything new!

  3. This is beautiful! Love the up-cycle idea.