Friday, January 24, 2014

The Almost Saturday Seven {7 Quick Takes}


Linking up with Jen, who recently wrote a blog post which is now one of my favorite things on the internet. (Sorry, Dear Prudence. You have been demoted to #11). I think Jen's post should be printed off and handed to all new mothers checking out of L&D, along with a bottle of bourbon and the complete works of Joss Whedon on DVD. I should start a charity that does that.

Her own quick takes contain this gem:

"I had the great misfortune to get both a stomach flu and a terrible sinus infection at the same time, and I pretty much feel like I spent yesterday drinking a bottle of tequila, running a marathon, snorting chili pepper, then hitting myself in the face repeatedly with a hammer."

Guess who has my vote for the "Funniest Blogger" Sheenazing Award. Also my prayers for her recovery from that train wreck.


I recently started following Verily Magazine on Facebook, and yesterday morning they linked to a purveyor of vintage clothing called Nifty Thrifty. Obviously I had to drop everything and check them out. (And when I say, "drop everything", I mean impatiently wait til nap time so I could access it from my desktop.)

The verdict is: good concept and great inventory that I could look at it allll day long. The site is a little buggy, but I'll give them a pass for a while since they are a fairly new company.
Yep, I bought something. Kind of hard not to when they're running an 80% off EVERYTHING sale.

You might want to check that out. Just sayin'

I joined a gym back in December. To be perfectly honest, it wasn't so much about attempting to loose the mom belly as it was about getting an opportunity to watch cable undisturbed for an hour--but lately I have started to dabble in weightlifting. I know, I am so hardcore.

It's great and I really like it, but it makes me OBSCENELY hungry. I actually took a pregnancy test (which was negative) even though I didn't have any reason to suspect I was preggo. I was THAT hungry. So, it appears that, in addition to shelling out my own hard-earned Etsy money for the membership, I am now going to have to spring for food, glorious food. Excellent.


Gratuitous picture from Noni's birthday celebration last week:
Noni took turning one very seriously--I can't believe how many new things she's started doing in the last week. She went from not walking at all to running, and from the occasional babble to a vocabulary of six words: mama, cat, milk, banana, bottle, and ball. Because a girl has to have priorities.

It seems like there a lot of toddlers out there who are currently on a nap strike. It is high time we reminded them that they aren't actually unionized, and for good reason.

CJ is 1-6 this week.

This morning he  had a fun time reenacting his non-napping. The role of CJ was played by a package of diapers.

Real CJ insisted that I put Diaper-CJ down for a nap with Blankie and Meow Meow.
Two seconds later he snatched Diaper-CJ out of the crib, shouting, "But diapers is AWAKE!!!"

Cute. But ugh.
Not one, but TWO fun things have been canceled today due to the stupid, stupid Polar Vortex. I was really looking forward to the local MOPS meeting, and I was really, REALLY looking forward to an overnight moms retreat that was supposed to start this evening. Mope. 

Today I am also over at Living in the Green sharing a recipe that is sure to warm you up: Polar Vortex Hot Cocoa!

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