Sunday, January 12, 2014

The "I Just Got Home 18 Hours Ago" WIWS

Last night we returned from a 5-day vacation down south to visit CJ's Godparents. We had a wonderful time catching up with them and getting the opportunity to spend time with their kids, one of whom is our Godson. All aspects of the trip went smoothly, from sleeping in different beds to the 20+ hours we spent in the car. I could get used to that...

I love traveling, but we have been doing a lot of it lately--weekend (and longer) trips once or twice a month since October!--and I am looking forward to hunkering down for a couple of months and getting my home sweet home in order.

Anyway, due to my post-road trip fatigue, this isn't going to be a very cohesive post.

The Mass
Well, Noni had to be banished to the "widdle woom wif da toys", as CJ calls it, before Mass even started, if that tells you anything. Girlfriend knows how to throw a fit. I cannot WAIT until she is verbal so at least I will have a better idea as to WHY she is upset. Because most of the time I honestly have no idea.

Also, after I had to wipe CJ's yucky nose he had a fun time saying, "Snot in church! Snot in church!" in a rather loud voice. Delightful.

Luckily all the people in the nearby pews seemed to be enchanted by my ragamuffin children. God bless 'em.

The Outfit

Sweater: Gap via St. Vincent de Paul store (it was on the $0.50 rack, to my bafflement. It isn't damaged in any way that I can see, and it is uber comfortable. Plus it goes with everything.)
Skirt: St. Johns Bay, thrifted like a bazillion years ago.
Leggings: Target
Boots: Keen
Scarf: Christmas gift from my sister-in-law. Home run!!!
Earrings: A mystery lost in the sands of time.

But the real star of this picture is my--I mean our--new chair. It was a surprise gift from my in-laws and I just can't get enough of it. It gets good light, has an electrical outlet, and is wicked comfy. Obviously it has become my new blogging headquarters.

In other Sunday news, Nemo decided to try his hand at making donut holes.
What have you done, Nemo? What. Have. You. Done.

So the rest of my Sunday is going to be spent eating those and planning Noni's birthday. It's three days away. I haven't even started. 

And a prayer request
A fellow patient of mine when I was hospitalized earlier this year (to whom I give as much credit as to the doctors for my recovery) is considering seeking baptism for herself and her young daughters. I am going to be storming heaven with prayers that she may find a spiritual home, and I would love it if you would to!

Happy Sunday!

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  1. Great chair, awesome sweater find (50 cents??), love the scarf, and donut holes... yum. Prayers for your fellow patient!