Sunday, February 9, 2014

An Experiment in Yellow {WIWS}

This morning started off well. Actually I can't really say how the first part of the morning went because I missed it--Nemo let me sleep in until 9:30, which was sorely needed and heartily enjoyed.

Luckily the goodness continued, and we didn't have a repeat of last week's Mass, when I ended up having to take Noni not just out of the nave, but out of the church building entirely, lest her toddler angst break the glass in the cry-room windows. And then no one napped that day. It was grim.

My new strategy was too take the kids to the cry-room right off the bat and not bring them into the nave to sit until the very last minute. Mass always seems to start a bit later than scheduled, and we've had issues with having to take screaming kids out before Mass has even started. VERY bad for morale.

Whether or not it was due to the new strategy, things went pretty smoothly. I actually heard about 75% of the homily! Mostly because it was short, sweet, and funny. The priest detailed many different uses for salt: flavoring food, cleaning gunked-up sinuses, shooting tequila, making margaritas, etc. It's pretty clear that he preaches to college students on a regular basis. Anyway, when the bible tells us to be "salt of the earth"...well, God uses salt for all kinds of purposes.

This made me chuckle, but it also made me think, please God, let me be metaphorical margarita salt and not a sinus rinse.

Sweater: I love the gold-colored sweaters I've been seeing around town these days, but I've been hesitant to add one to my wardrobe because I have always been informed that yellow hues make my olive-complected self look like a jaundiced booze hound. I've just double checked, and I can honestly say I don't own a single piece of yellow clothing.

Buut the other day I saw this cute one at the thrift store. I waffled back and forth about getting it, then when I was checking out I asked the clerk her opinion--and she said I could totally pull it off.  So I gambled a dollar and brought it home.

So, what do you think? Does it look like my liver is failing?

Dress: I found this in the Land's End Not Quite Perfect section. I had never bought seconds before, and I was worried that the dress was going to show up on my doorstep with shredded fabric and grease stains, but I have yet to find the supposed imperfection. I love the fit (although I did take it in at the waist very slightly last night) and it's made of ponte knit, which I think is pretty much the most comfortable fabric on the planet. Artificial as all get-out, but stretchy and forgiving.

Well, that's it, folks. CJ has condescended to take a nap, so I've got snacks to eat and Buffy to watch.

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  1. You can definitely pull that sweater off. You look great. I also have an olive complexion and I know that for me, darker colors look good (dark purple, dark pink, dark yellow/gold, dark orange...while lighter versions of those same colors look terrible.

    You look great.

  2. Another olive. Bright yellow is ok. Anything mustard or light is death.

  3. A dollar? I think it's adorable and a great color on you!