Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Books. Apps. Highchairs. {5 favorites}

Linking up with Hallie, who despite sleepless nights and VERY SERIOUS DISEASES has (along with some other fabulous ladies) set up the Edel Gathering.

And also with Jessica at HousewifeSpice because I am actually reading a book! (Said the former librarian who hasn't cracked a cover in months.)

So now that I am an official gym rat I have been keeping an eye out for any media that is capable of distracting me from the fact that I'm exercising.

I stumbled across the Fulton Sheen Audio Library app, and believe it or not, it really does the trick. I'm not super familiar with the Venerable Sheen or his works, but I do have a vague awareness of him due to Bonnie's devotion to him. This app has a vast collection of his speeches, and they do live up to the hype. The man was seriously gifted. I love his sense of humor and it really makes my workout fly by!


I first saw the Boon Flair highchair over at one of my favorite blogs, Words of Williams.

I loved the look of it, and I had it sitting in my Amazon cart for a while, but it is pretty pricey and I couldn't quite swing it, budget-wise. Then my family surprised me with one for Noni's birthday! We are both enjoying it immensely. She likes anything that facilitates eating, and I love it's small footprint (no spindly legs to trip over), the all-directional wheels on the bottom, and the ease of cleaning. I think it must have a teflon coating or something. I am very serious when I say I adore it, as much as someone can adore baby gear.

The wonderfully stylish Angelique, who I had the pleasure of meeting at a blogger meet and greet last summer and who blogs at Where the Piggy Toes Go, has been renovating a centuries-old farmhouse for the past few all know I am a sucker for a good renovation and I have been following along and drooling over every detail. I am so pumped to see the final reveal!  You can read posts about the renovation here. You can also incite your house envy by heading over to her Instagram

So I randomly googled the term "bad mother" the other day. Ok, maybe it wasn't so random. Anyway, this book is the first thing that popped up.

Of course, with a tagline like that, I had to get it out from the library STAT.
I'm only in the middle of the first chapter, but I am about ready to hunt down Ms. Waldman and insist that we be bffs.

I love her writing style and the message is exactly what I (and most other moms) need to hear right now. Even though I haven't finished it, I'm going to take a gamble and highly recommend it.

If you want it in a nutshell, there is a rather good article written by the author over at the Mail Online.

Hmmm...I love that there was some big football event recently, which means there is actually beer in the fridge. Hooray!

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  1. I just wrote about my favorites for feeding babies today and I should have included my Boon highchair!! After baby #3, I had gotten rid of my highchair because I hated cleaning it. When #4 came along, I was feeding him in a Bumbo on the countertop because I couldn't find a highchair that I liked. I kept telling my mom that I just wanted something simple, plastic, easy to clean without a lot of parts... after lots of research, she discovered and gifted me with a Boon! Thanks also, for the book recommendation and for leading me to What We're Reading Wednesday! I can't wait to add a bunch of new books to my reading list... Now if I could only find more time to read!

    1. Cleaning highchairs is THE WORST. Before the Boon came along I made slipcovers so I could just throw them in the wash...but somehow food would still get all over the highchair. Glad you found Boon! They make life with small ones so much easier:)