Friday, February 14, 2014

Things I Just Realized {7QT}

Linking up with Jen, whose memoir Something Other Than God is coming out in April. Coincidentally, my birthday is also in April and I love memoirs. Hint hint.

My brain, you guys. Allow me to illustrate the sad, sad state of things upstairs with a few dawning realizations I've made over the past week.

So it turns out that the bready coating on corndogs is actually cornbread. Hence the name. I honestly thought it was called a corndog because the shape is reminiscent of an ear of corn.
I mean, come ON! This was a perfectly reasonable assumption to make, right? Especially considering that I've never eaten a corndog before. Not for health reasons, mind you. I've just always been more of a sweet than a savory person, so when there is carnival food about I am going to go for the elephant ears 110% of the time.

But still:

Stove grates, those collectors of grease and spaghetti sauce that are too big to fit in the sink and are a pain and a half to wipe down, can actually go in the dishwasher.

I was googling how to clean stove grates without all the scrubbing--I was thinking maybe a vinegar solution or something--and one forum said to JUST PUT THEM IN THE DISHWASHER. I scoffed at first because it couldn't be that easy, could it? I ran to my stove's user manual and sure enough, the grates are dishwasher safe.
Oh my cheese. The HOURS I have wasted trying to get those things clean. 

Along similar lines, when I was cleaning off the top of the fridge I found a nifty cover for CJ's booster tray. We've had that booster for years and I was always griping that the tray was in no way easy to clean (too big to fit in the sink)--what were they thinking, putting this piece of crap on the market? But oh yeah, it turns out it came with a tray cover that easily fits IN THE DISHWASHER. And it's been doing me a lot of good on top of the fridge for the last two years. 

The sweater I wore a few weeks ago that I professed that I bought for 50 cents even though it was stain free? Yeah, it has a stain. And it must have been there when I bought it because it looks like pen ink, and we don't really keep pens handy around here since CJ got all artistic on the walls.


Getting Diet Pepsi in your eye hurts almost as much as childbirth. Hot chocolate up your nose is equally unpleasant. Ditto to hiccuping while eating a green bean. These all happened to me, and adult who has allegedly mastered fine motor control and hand-eye coordination, all in the same day.

My sewing machine wasn't broken all last week, the power supply had just wiggled itself loose.

doctor who facepalm photo:  giftenfacepalm.gif


Aaaand my serger has been threaded completely wrong for almost a year.

This explains the tension problems I've been having, both thread tension and "why isn't this WORKING?!?!?" tension.

How excited was I to waste precious nap time to completely re-thread this beast?

So, in summation:

 photo Signature1_zps6ee36174.jpg

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  1. LOVE this! We have a gas oven with holes around the stove eyes, and the day I realized I could lift the top of the stove and clean underneath was a happy day indeed.