Thursday, February 20, 2014

Two-Toned Buffalo Check Infinity Cowl

I thought I had cracked the nap strike code. With having stern talks about naptime expectations and putting him down a half hour later, I was able to achieve a decent nap about 75% of the time, and if he skipped one nap he would always crash the next day.

But we are experiencing some major backslidage. Yesterday he wouldn't nap because he was too busy reenacting his favorite LeapFrog movie, and despite the sternest of discussions (Pipe down, kid! I can't hear Buffy what with all this caterwauling!), he did the same thing again today. I was flummoxed because he was pretty tired. This was no mild suspicion--I KNEW.

Lunchtime drama. Oy.

I called the nap at 3pm, and since Noni was sleeping on I decided to take CJ up to the sewing room. Surprisingly he managed to pull  himself together and play quietly by himself for an hour so I could mess around with some scraps.

My grandma gave me a bunch of her sewing scraps a while back, and among them were these two pieces of pink buffalo check flannel.

They kind of put me in mind of some super cute flannel scarves I saw over at Sheena's a few months ago. infinity scarf...short, sweet, and simple. Perfect for passing a no-napping afternoon.

Of course I began the project with a bad cut which I had to go back and repair.

After that repair I got down to business. I cut each piece of fabric in half and sewed them end-to-end so I had one light pink and one dark pink strip. Then I put one strip on top of the other with right sides facing, then stitched down the long edges. Then I just had to turn the tube rightside-out, press, and stitch the short ends together to make a loop.

So it's really more of a cowl than a scarf, but that's all the fabric I had! So I guess I'll just have to deal with it.

Mmm. Cozy.

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  1. Now I really want to go make a scarf!!! What types of fabric do you find work best?