Sunday, March 9, 2014

DST: Impossible? {WIWS}

Do I look grumpy? Cuz I'm totally not, due to the fact that during Mass Noni was a little less

and a little more

Instead of the usual back-arching, screaming, and heckling her brother, all she did was snuggle up against me and suck her thumb. After Mass I was all like, who are you and why don't I feel like I've been running wind sprints for the last hour?

In other Sunday news, daylight savings time began today and we completely forgot. Luckily we use our phones for most of our time-telling needs, so once Nemo got up with the kids this morning (God bless him) he realized in enough time to wake me up and get us all to Mass. Once we corrected all the clocks I completely forgot it even happened, which is big news because when DST starts or ends I always obsess about what it will mean for the kids' schedules.


I fed the kids and put them down for their naps at the same clock time that I always do, and didn't remember until close to dinner time that we were actually an hour ahead of our usual schedule, and I said to myself, "Ah, oh well. Now let's get these kids to bed ASAP
 so I can eat some Samoas".

Kind of like how lately CJ has been sleeping in a different position. For over a year when I would put him into his crib, he would get into his favorite position and stay like that all night. Now he's shifted eighteen inches to the right. Eva from a year ago would have tried understand CJ's motivation for making this abrupt change in his sleeping arrangements until she was tearing out her hair and wailing, "but what does it all meeeeean?"

Instead I noted the difference, marveled a bit at the unknowable enigma that is the toddler mind, then I shut off the lights and left the room.

I'm kind of having an existential crisis over here. If I'm not worrying about things beyond my control, then who AM I?

Someone who has a heck of a lot more fun, that's for sure.

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  1. Hooray for not obsessing over little things. DST goes the best when you forget about it and just go about your day!