Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Accessorizing the Boodwah {Project}

I tend to get a little hyper when I'm stressed out, and ZOMG YOU GUYS, the stress right now. You don't even know. Possible job changes and possible moves hundreds of miles away...stress. Hence all the project posts.

I've been harnessing my seemingly unlimited nervous energy to tackle all the little projects that have been crowded together on my back burner.

It's a three-parter today, folks!

Part I:

I picked up this lovely painting at the St. Vincent de Paul store for one dollah.

But I didn't buy it for the painting. Sorry, Martin Johnson Jr. I took your painting out of the frame and it pretty much disintegrated, so into the trash it went.

The frame had some nice details, which got a thorough scrubbing with some Murphy's Oil Soap and a toothbrush.

Then a few coats of spray paint. 

Same blue as my new lamp!

Then I got a scrap of perforated metal sheeting that was left over from another project and cut it down to size to fit the frame, then glued it in place. Do you see where I'm going with this?

Part II:
 We didn't have a mirror in the master bedroom for the longest time. Then I finally bought an appropriately sized one at a thrift store for $8, but it was kind of ugly and I never got around to hanging it, so it was just leaning against the wall for the last six months or so. No time like the present, Eva!

It got a light sanding by the helpfullest toddler around. 

 Then it too got a few coats of the blue spray paint. I painted the stripe by hand with a 1" foam brush and a paint sample I had in my stash.

Part III:

Lastly I spray painted a scrap of wood I found in the basement and screwed some brass hooks into it and...

Look how organized my jewelry is!

Note the bored toddler reflection in the mirror. She's clearing asking herself why her mother is taking pictures of the wall and also why said mother isn't fetching her some goldfish crackers.

Never again do I have to hunt for a matching pair in the jumble that was my jewelry box.


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  1. I love how little things can make such a difference. My husband made me a very similar earring holder for Christmas, but it's bigger and inside the frame is wire mesh stuff (it's like a bunch of little squares). I like the big holes because then I can leave all the rubber backers on the earrings when I push them through. I've been wanting something better than my old arrangement for my necklaces (I used to just have a long line of nails in the wall). The plan now is to find another similarly-sized frame, put it up on the wall on the other side of my mirror, and then just put randomly-placed nails inside with necklaces hanging on's the same manner of hanging as before, but it will be *framed* so it will look intentional and pretty rather than just a bunch of nails in the wall!