Friday, May 2, 2014

Give me some sugar. Or Buffy. (7 Quick Takes)

So what with massively sucky springtime illnesses, sewing, spring cleaning, and other general craziness, I haven't blogged in...oh gosh, not since March. And what better way to get back into the swing of things than a good ole 7 Quick Takes with Jen...

 When my sister was visiting last week I very helpfully got her re-hooked on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Then yesterday she sent me a panicked text that the show seemed to be removed from Netflix. I promtly lost my ever loving mind because I just gave up sugar in a show of solidarity with some friends who are doing a full-on cleanse and how the heck else am I supposed to reward myself at the end of a toddler-drama filled day if not with a bag of M&Ms and some vampire death matches? I ask you.

My sister and I had a mutual spaz attack via text, but luckily it seemed to just be an issue with Netflix and all seven seasons reappeared after a few hours. So don't expect regular blog posts from me any time soon, because I still have 2.5 seasons left to go.

Although I am tempted to finish up the series over the weekend JUST IN CASE.


That whole giving up sugar thing--worst idea evar. I'm dying here, Buffy or no Buffy.


And I don't think that giving up sugar at this point will save my teeth. Next week I have a dentist appointment--my last one was on the day I went into labor with CJ, so it was almost three years ago. Oy. So I'm a wee bit nervous as to what they're going to find.


To distract ourselves from the aforementioned craziness, Nemo and I have thrown ourselves down the rabbit hole that is RV conversion planning. The conversion itself can't start until we move someplace where we have room to work on a 40-ft bus, and that is still a long way off, but planning it is way fun. Lately I have been fooling around with floor plans at the aptly named MY current favorite design features an extra half bath. It is a palace, I tell you.


A few months ago I uncovered the two fireplaces on our first floor and found beautiful, pristine condition tile underneath. Recently I decided to do the same thing with the two fireplaces on the second floor, but my luck had run out.Fiurst of all, I discovered that we had a roommate
 All I can say is, thank God it wasn't a rat.

And secondly I found that the fireplace surrounds weren't tile, but cast iron that had been painted over approximately 1,474 times. I would really like to smack the jackasses that did that.

Stripping the layers upon layers of paint off just ONE of the fireplaces was a nightmare. It cost untold hours and a fortune in paint stripper. Many, many brain cells were harmed from the fumes. The other fireplace may have to stay ugly forever because I can't even think about repeating the process right now.


I've got some super cute dresses in zee shop at the moment. 

I consider this one to be my crowning achievement.


Oh FTLOG how are these kids still awake? I realize it isn't quite 8pm yet but they were so tired they were falling all over themselves and something had to be done. And yet, Noni has been lying in her crib blowing raspberries at nothing for the last 45 minutes. I guess that was a bad call.

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  1. Is this rv design to scale? Would this plan fit a 40’ bus?