Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Lamp Deconstruction {Project}

I've done a lot of DIY projects in my life, but I've never messed around with lighting. I didn't even realize that an Average Jill like me could work with wires and electricity and stuff.

But the lovely Sheena, the lighting ingenue who blogs over at Bean in Love, made me think that me + lamp repair might not = unmitigated disaster.

There was a beaten-up vintage glass lamp with a nice marble base at the thrift store for many, many weeks in a row. I always feel a little sorry for things like that, and eventually I couldn't stand it any more and paid the $3 adoption fee.

I SWEAR I took an official before picture, but I can't find it anywhere. 

**UPDATE** I finally found the "before" picture. It was in the completely wrong folder.

There's my little diamond in the rough.

The "remember how all the pieces go back together" picture.

Taking it apart was a leaning adventure.I forgot to take step-by-step pictures of the process but there's a very good tutorial here.
I had picked out a nice light blue color of spray paint at Lowe's, but when I got it home I realized that it had a flat finish, which didn't jive with my plan.

So I grabbed the only can of spray paint I had in my stash that had a satin finish and went with it.

All the metal pieces got a few coats of paint, the glass pieces got cleaned, and then I got back to work putting it all back together. Despite the "remember how everything goes back together" picture, I had a very hard time turning it into a functioning lamp again. My spacial reasoning skills aren't tip-top at the moment. Or ever.

Then once I finally got it assembled I decided that I hated the color, no matter how shiny it was, so I took it all apart and repainted the metal pieces with the original color I had chosen.

I added a $5 shade from the Dollar General, and BAM! My first lighting project was complete.

Fancy, no?

All in all I spent $13 on this project. I couldn't be happier with the results!

My masterpieces lives in the guest room now, so if you ever to meet it in person all you have to do is come visit us!

Love that retro plug.

 photo Signature1_zps6ee36174.jpg

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  2. I love it!!!! The color is awesome! I think it looks great flat but if you're still hankering for gloss, you could always (take it back apart and) spray it with a clear gloss enamel. Probably not worth the effort though because it's perfect the way it is!

    1. Thanks! My mother-in-law has a similar lamp that I've always admired, and I'm very pleased to have one of my own now, flat paint notwithstanding:) The enamel is a great idea, I'll have to give it a shot!